School is a weird thing.

I mean its great, but in reality we go and learn for up to 25 years of our life about things that most of us will forget in the near future, for me, the next day

But quite honestly I love school

Now there are a couple subjects that when I know that they are that day, I want to stay in bed and cry until I could basically solve California’s drought issue, but other then that school has brought me and many other kids around the world opprotunies.

The other thing about school, that I’ve started to realize is important to me is the social aspect. The fact that we are all squeezed into classroom and basically stuck with eachother can be a fun way to meet other people.

As well as becoming friends with fellow classmates, you start to grow a connection with some teachers who’s advice and motivational speeches you will never forget.

I hope as you read this, you realized that, even if you are out of school, that school is honestly the biggest blessing in disguise.

I know, I know, you hate it now…I do too at some times, but without school big changes might not have been made, lives may have not been changed, and we as a society may not be where we are right now.

So think about that next time you think about crying over that essay that your evil AP world teacher assigned


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