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Fighting the Fear

My school has a equestrian program, which I wanted to take advantage of. One year ago, I tried it out for a season. Since my roommate at the time was a rider, I was very excited to learn this sport. It started … Continue reading

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Shattered State

Syria has been the centerpiece of an ISIS invasion, revolution, Russian aggression, and Western Concerns. With Aleppo as the prime example of what has befallen of Syria, entire populations have disappeared. Sections where thousands walked daily are now ghost towns, … Continue reading

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Further Proof That Beyoncé is a Higher Being

On Saturday, October 15, Beyoncé was performing at her Tidal concert, when her braid got caught on her one of her earrings, and the earring RIPPED OUT OF HER EARLOBE. Queen Bey didn’t miss a beat in her dance routine … Continue reading

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Tyson… Chicken?

Behold – Recently, one of the top meat producers in the U.S. invested in a new vegan meat producer, Beyond Meat. But why? It would seem that there is a new wave of vegetarianism, and I must say that I am … Continue reading

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My next life…

What a life pets have. Especially the pet who lives on campus: Jack the cat. Jack is loved by students, gets full attention and is very spoiled. He gets food and treats from the teacher, Ms. M., everyday. Ms. M. even … Continue reading

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Aubrie and Daisy

Every month, Netflix updates its movie collection, and ever since 2013, it has put out some new shows with each batch. Recently released was Audrie and Daisy, a documentary that caught my attention. Released to Netflix on September 23rd, Audrie and Daisy … Continue reading

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It is now mid October, and IT’S STILL SUNNY AND WARM IN OJAI. This irritates me to no end, which means this post will be a long rant. In Ojai, and pretty much all of Southern California, three of our … Continue reading

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