Thoughts on astrology

Astrology doesn’t make any sense. How would the day one was born affect anything about them? 

I am always super doubtful about astrology because conceptually it makes actually zero sense, but whenever I open CoStar and check my horoscope it makes complete sense. What I read today perfectly summed up how I feel internally and affirmed a few thoughts I had. It talked about a “diversity of noises inside my body” which perfectly explained the many things racing through my brain whether it’s college, schoolwork, friends, sports, or my desire for free time. It connected this to the effects of these actions, which I won’t share, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Also, last night I had a think about problems I had with the way I was raised and the horoscope or whatever mentioned outgrowing childhood behavior patterns. It talked about feeling seized up and wanting something to happen while giving advice to grow. 

It made a ton of sense, but I wonder if I am just plugging applicable information into the broad and vague advice this app gives. I mean the gap probably wants as much engagement as they can to profit, so I feel like the advice given is purposefully broad and vague but in a way that can be determined as specific by people looking to have their problems solved. 

PC: Britannica

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