My Top 4 “Underrated” Animes

Underrated is probably a gross overstatement. Most of these animes can be found near the top of the MyAnimeList charts, but I still notice that not a lot of the people I know who watch anime have not seen these. And should most definitely see these as they are far better than some of the Sword Art Online’s of the world that preside near the top of MAL charts.

Starting with the only anime that has ever got me to sit through a single one-hour episode, let alone ten of them. Hellsing: Ultimate is an adaptation of an older anime called Hellsing. The show has all the same characters and even has the same start to the plot. However, this anime is a world of difference. First of all, the animation and art style are so nice. Everything about it is so clean and fits the general vibe of the show so well. Not only that, but it has some of my favorite characters in all of anime: Alucard, the first Vampire ever born, and Lady Hellsing, the leader of the organization and the coolest female character ever. She is the hottest and only hot British person ever. Add that to one of the only good Dubs in anime and you’ve got a certified slapper. I’m not gonna tell you how the plot unfolds, but it is a beautifully drawn anime with a great plot and characters. If you’ve seen the original Hellsing and it deterred you from Ultimate I fully encourage you to watch it, it is a completely different level of quality.

Photo Credit: IMBd

Afro Samurai is one of the shorter animes I’ve seen and easily one of my favorites. Even though it isn’t ranked high on my list, it is easily the anime I have re-watched the most and the only anime I’ve ever watched in one sitting. This anime has everything. Compelling storyline and Villains? Check. A great main character and comedic relief? Check. I mean it’s all about one headband but somehow it’s one of the most complex storylines with a great backstory and fight scenes. And it has Samuel L. Jackson. What more do I need to say. If you haven’t seen it yet or are just getting into anime, this is the one to watch.

Photo Credit: Medium

Another is an anime that I rarely ever hear about. It definitely is one of the more peculiar horror animes I’ve seen and honestly has quite an interesting storyline. This kid goes to a middle school in which there is a curse, one that he reactivates on accident. The show basically follows him trying to figure out what the hell is going on or even what the hell he did wrong even though he’s the only one in the class who is morally right. The whole show and the plot are great in my opinion. The art is very nice and it is overall just a clean anime. It doesn’t shoot for more than it’s capable of and it doesn’t suffer from an underdeveloped plot. I would definitely watch this if you have Crunchyroll.

Photo Credit: Anime Filler Guide

Terror In Resonance was a very refreshing anime for me. I had been on a streak of pretty mediocre shows and I had finally stumbled onto this one which I had been continuously told was very good. So I watched it and it still stands as one of my favorite animes ever. Every character fits into the show perfectly. The plot unfolds seamlessly. It is a very dark and very real anime. It actually caused me to think about my life a little after I watched it. Terror In Resonance is a beautiful anime, if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on the best short-length anime ever made.

Photo Credit: IMBd

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