Summer feels

I can’t wait for this summer. You know, in the past, people have always told me that junior year is gonna be harder than all the other years. But I had no idea that they were actually right about that!

I’m mentally and now even physically so exhausted that I don’t want to do anything but sleep. But guess what! I can’t!

That’s why I can’t wait for summer. I can actually sleep then. I won’t have anything to do but read, ride horses, go for runs with my dog, probably study for the SAT, go to my summer journalism program, and travel. I’m so excited to travel!



In the US everything seems to be so far apart. If you go on a two hour train ride here, you get to another city in the state. But if I go on a two hour train ride from my hometown, I end up in another country. I can’t wait to go to Paris, to Amsterdam, Berlin, to Greece.

I also really can’t wait to ride my horse again. I am so glad that I get to ride at my school here, I am so thankful for that, but it’s so different from my barn at home. I can go there whenever I want, I can stay there as long as I want, go on trail rides through the fields and forests, and I can actually get lessons. So, obviously, I can’t wait.

Of course I’ll miss all my friends here, as always. I’ll miss the amazing weather in California, and the amazing avocados and oranges, that simply don’t taste the same in Germany. But I can’t even tell you just how excited I am for this summer!

San Diego, the Sleeping Beauty.

Over the break, I headed to one of the most beautiful places – San Diego for a week.
I’ve heard of how attractive and magical the city is so I finally had a chance to discover this “dream place.”

Before we launched out journey, my dear friend Emmy made a three-page list including all the “must-go places” and “must-do things” in San Diego. She said, “you would never get bored in that city. There’s always so much things to do.” After all, I would say that she was completely correct.

We followed Emmy’s list to plan our schedules and each day we discovered something new about San Diego. We went to the USS Midway Museum to explore the history of Aircraft Carriers and got a chance to see the famous “Kissing Statue.” We went to the Coronado Island by the water taxi and visited the famous Hotel Del Coronado.

We also went to the strawberry lands to pick up our own strawberries. They were huge and super sweet strawberries and honestly I’ve never tasted that fresh strawberries! They were just amazing.

The next day we went to Balboa Park, where numerous museums are located. It was extremely sunny and warm. We walked around the park and visited some Spanish historical galleries.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the Old Town, which became my favorite site in San Diego. Old Town is like a small community full of culture and history. It is considered as the birthplace of California, where the first Europeans settled. The whole little town was filled with laughter and music. There were lots of stores and museums as well and mostly about the old European or Indian things.

We walked along the road and forget the time till we met the sunset.
The golden sunshine poured on the street and I believe I just saw one of the most gorgeous moments in the world. Then the lights became alive. I picked up my camera and saved the natural beauty. By the way, Old Town has the best Mexican food in the world.

Anyways, eight days are obviously not enough so I need to go to San Diego again to finish Emmy’s list.

I would describe San Diego as the sleeping beauty. She lies there, quiet but charming.

It is nearly impossible to not fall in love with her because once you awaken her, she would invade your heart gently and never leave again.


You know that feeling when you’ve been going strong, getting everything done in time, and doing a bang-up job of it, and then all of a sudden, BAM, you’re sick, exhausted, run down, and ready for a break?

Yeah, well that happened to me about two days ago.

I’ve been doing pretty well in school, and I’ve actually been ahead of my work for once, which never happens. But all of a sudden I got really run down, and now I can not wait for break. Thankfully, there’s only one more day.

And even more exciting, I’m not going home to Aspen, Colorado, but to Santa Monica, which let me tell you, is a heck of a lot warmer right now. My plans for break aren’t anything crazy, but my dad is driving out with my dog, who is a total sweetheart and who I can’t wait to see.

I can’t wait to see my dad either of course.

I plan on relaxing as much as I can, and eating a ton of food. And then the week after break, I’m going on the Honors Ski Trip. The ski trip is led by the headmaster, and we spend a week in Yosemite cross-country skiing and hiking. It’s a blast, and turns my one week vacation into two. By the time I’m back in school, I’ll be ready to kick my schoolwork’s butt for the next five weeks, before I break down again right before spring break.

Rinse and repeat.

Honors Ski Trip

Break is quickly approaching, and on Friday the campus will begin to empty out. Students will go home, or to friends and family, for the week long winter break. And then, on Sunday, they will return.

However, there are the lucky few that leave the morning after boarding students return to campus. They will load bags and bodies into the school vans in order to make the trek up to Yosemite. These students get an extra week of break on Honors Ski Trip.

The Honors Ski Trip is a week long excursion with the headmaster and a couple other teachers, and a handful of students who put in the work to keep their academic and effort grades up to standard.

Last year I went on the trip and I had an amazing time. In the mornings we would cook obscene amounts of bacon before loading into the vans and driving to the nordic track.

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Right now the Upper Campus is filled with students stressing out, worrying, and complaining. Why? Finals begin on Friday, and everyone is feeling the effects of their prolonged procrastination.

Teachers repeatedly remind us to study and get some sleep, all the while stacking homework on us as if playing with building blocks. Last minute tests are hurriedly being completed, and review sessions take up the majority of class time.

On Friday, every student, with the exception of maybe two or three, will cram into their assigned classroom, silent and exhausted from a full night of studying. They will spend the next two hours on their English final, and then be released to lunch.

In the afternoon, those with an art final will stick around, while those lucky enough to be done for the day take off. Whether it’s back to their dorm room or their home doesn’t make a difference.

The finals will continue on Saturday, with History, and a day off on Sunday. On Monday, the school will reconvene and knock out he last three.

And then finally, at the end of an exhausting week, we will all be released for break. For that amazing three week Christmas break everyone has been looking forward to since the start of the school year. And I can’t wait.


6 weeks.


I’ve been counting down from 100 days, but spring break was our LAST BREAK OF THE YEAR!

Everyone keeps saying to avoid the disease known as Senioritis, but at this point, I have no idea if that’s possible. Even a few of my teachers seem to be counting down the days.

In 2 weeks, AP testing will be going on. I’m nervous for my 2 tests, AP Psych and AP English, but also excited because after the test in Psychology, we’re leaving our text book behind and watching movies and doing fun activities. Also, we will already have taken our final exam, so I will have nothing much to worry about in terms studying for that class.

As for my others, I will still be having finals and homework. But, for Law and Society, we will be having a big mock trial as our final, and I have a feeling that it will be really fun! I’m excited to see what it’s about.

College is in the very near future, and I still don’t know where I’m going yet. My first choice is way too expensive, so I’m just very unsure at this point. I have to decide by next week, though, so at this point I’m just hoping I make the right choice.

Let’s just make it through the next few weeks! Then it’ll be a nice break from school until I embark on a whole new adventure.



Only the buzz of a the car rolling on the freeway.

Above her head, black expanse broken by the single, flickering light of a plane.

That was the first time she ever truly wished she could run, escape. Get out of this stuffy car. Away from all of the stress and pressure. To find Some reprieve, Some momentary peace, Somewhere far away.

If only she could be on that plane that was slowly crossing the night sky. If only she could switch lives with the driver that drove parallel to the car she was in. If she could leave…if. If.

Oh, and how she wanted to SCREAM. It seemed sometimes that was the only way to keep her sanity. To scream. But she could not.

She couldn’t bear telling her father, who was sitting behind the wheel. No, that would break his heart. He didn’t need to know. Nobody needs to know.

So, muffled, in her thoughts, she was screaming. Her eyes silently staring ahead.

Miles to go until she got to her destination.

And miles to go until she could start living her life like she wants to.

Nasty Habit!

Old habits are hard to break-even the nasty ones.

I bite my nails. I have periods when I break the habit, but during times of anxiety and pressure, I assuage my nerves with a dose of nail biting.

It’s gross, I know, but strangely stress relieving. Weird. Funny thing is, I hate looking at other people biting their own nails!

I had stopped the habit sometime last week but with the SAT just yesterday, I began to bite. I’m still biting because it’s very hard to stop once I’ve begun but I will try in order to let them grow and look prim for prom!

I don’t suppose I will be able to completely put an end to the habit until I get into colleges next year. Until then, I will battle the habit, temporarily stopping just to go back to biting again.


Finals. Then break.
Finals. Then break.
Finals. Then break.

It’s all you hear while walking through the hallways of the girl’s dorm.

There’s the occasional strum of a guitar from the room next to mine, and my roommate is hunched over her books, studying in a language that is not her own.

People are running down the halls, laughing about a three week break from school or screaming in a burst of rage, “I hate finals!”

And amidst all of the chaos, all of the sounds melding into one, melodramatic hum, I remain motionless. The last words printed on the book in front of me stand out above the pressing noise.

“There are worse games to play.”

And although the circumstances are different, the words adapt to mean everything and anything.

The game of studying for finals that will, in the end, not throw my grades off some horrendous no-returning-from-here cliff. They will not make or break my chances of getting into a college that awaits me two years in the future. They will only bring chaos to here-and-now moments.

As soon as the school leaves for break, everyone will forget their almost-meltdowns about how, “There’s no way I’m not going to fail my chemistry final.”

Through the race of muttered curse words, ripped pages, destroyed text books, and the silent but studious players in a never-ending game, everyone needs to stop and breathe.

After five or six two-hour long tests, it will be over, and everyone will have a three week break to regain the sleep they lost in preparation for a final that they will forget the information to in a matter of hours.

In. And out.
In. And out.
In. And out.