Right now the Upper Campus is filled with students stressing out, worrying, and complaining. Why? Finals begin on Friday, and everyone is feeling the effects of their prolonged procrastination.

Teachers repeatedly remind us to study and get some sleep, all the while stacking homework on us as if playing with building blocks. Last minute tests are hurriedly being completed, and review sessions take up the majority of class time.

On Friday, every student, with the exception of maybe two or three, will cram into their assigned classroom, silent and exhausted from a full night of studying. They will spend the next two hours on their English final, and then be released to lunch.

In the afternoon, those with an art final will stick around, while those lucky enough to be done for the day take off. Whether it’s back to their dorm room or their home doesn’t make a difference.

The finals will continue on Saturday, with History, and a day off on Sunday. On Monday, the school will reconvene and knock out he last three.

And then finally, at the end of an exhausting week, we will all be released for break. For that amazing three week Christmas break everyone has been looking forward to since the start of the school year. And I can’t wait.

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