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Where am I from? Where do I belong?

I am an international student who has learned the ways of three different cultures. The country where I born doesn’t match my passport. My ancestors came from China, but World War II tore them away from their homeland and brought them to the island … Continue reading

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So cheap!

So I went to Santa Barbara on Saturday, and I was wondering why Marshalls has such cheap things. Marshalls is owned by TJX companies. It is the second largest off-price fashion store in the United States and has more than … Continue reading

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Environmental Policies

I often question others sanity. Chances are it is me who is insane, but on occasion it seems that others are far off their rocker. It was proposed, years ago, to build an oil pipeline from the oil sands in … Continue reading

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My Passion for Volleyball

Volleyball has always been a passion of mine. I love the sound of tennis shoes scuffing against the waxed gym floor, the feeling you get when you celebrate a victory with your teammates, coming into the center of the court … Continue reading

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