The home we love

There have been earthquakes and avalanches tearing down my old trees. Pushing them over like they’re nothing but toothpicks. There have been tsunamis flooding what used to be my home. Now it is just a house that I live in, with rotten walls and moldy water dripping from the ceilings.

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But you came to help me fix the dams and fences that once kept me safe. You handed me your broken bricks and cracked windows and we built ourselves a new house, with dirty floors and clean beds. We planted flowers in our garden without a lawn, and fed the singing birds that never ended up coming.

Our house kept falling apart, but we would fix it with the clay that we still keep in our drawers. In our neighborhood without neighbors, we’ve had parties without guests. But we turned up our music and managed to dance without tripping over broken lamps.

One day we will have to move out. Not because we will run out of music and clean sheets, but we know that there will be another earthquake and a tsunami and a hurricane. There are no black clouds yet. The earth is not shaking yet. But in the distance we see the birds flying close to the ground, ready to bring the storm that will destroy the home we love.



The Road thats been taken


Old roads built out of bricks and blood,

The man fell down with a heavy thud.

Stabbed from all sides, cornered in a hall,

It did not take long for the man to fall.

His supporters had adored his great rise,

They had seen the word through his eyes.

His life did not begin well, nor was its end.

Believers believed that he could mend.

A democracy crumbled, a dollar destroyed,

To him the nation is but a toy.

He played with it wrong and paid the price,

A violent end to a quick life.

A Deadly Chariot


The chariot rode throughout the sacred city.
It hoped for the defaulted nation’s pity.

Weapon in hand and courage in tow.
Intentions, one does not know.

Doesn’t matter in the end.
Soon enough the violence begins.

Citizens were not suspected of such crimes.
Now is the end of those times.

One was dead and the rest were hurt.
The nation has not seen the worst.

A child remained sill alive.
His mind was rotted from the inside.

Once again the circle spins.
The nation will go through it again.

Destructive Tiger


The tiger has made threat once before.

It came descending on those who value freedom.

It was pushed back into the depths of poverty and despair.

Yet the idle threats begin once again.

Perhaps to make a point or boast to the world.

It does no good, it merely aggravates tensions.

The rest of kingdom takes the threats no longer.

They journey far vanquishing the mighty Tiger.

The Tiger does not go gracefully.

The Tiger roars and claws onto its last remains of power.

Heat and energy decimate the world.


Simply because of an unjust tiger refusal to die.

The Crashing Eagle


A nation’s spending out of control.

A flying spark of hope flies across the sky.

A weathered bird has served its time well.

Its has flown high in the sky.

It has been prey.

It has been a predator.

It survives its ordeals only to come crashing down.

It is shot down by bureaucracy

The replacement threatens to out shine it.

A mighty eagle, the replacement is swift and strong.

The hopes of the nation come crashing down.

The mighty eagle crashes, its strengths is its undoing.

Exorbitant costs and empty coffers force the nation to abandon the eagle.

In it’s destruction the eagle robs the nation of its hope.

Never again will hope rise so highly in the nation.

The Road

Last night, I watched the movieThe Road” in my English class. It shows the human nature in a cruel way.

The movie is about the survival of one father and his son in a destroyed world. The reason why the world is demolished is not mentioned in the book or in the movie, but all the people are dead, the world is full of gray ashes, and buildings and trees are all non-existent.

The father and his son walk on the road for many days starving, sleeping outside.

During their journey, they face cannibals. People start to eat other people in order to survive, which show the human nature (“eat or be eaten”) and the desperate lifestyle. The father and his son see a lot of dead bodies chopped up from being eaten, which was very gruesome and dehumanizing.

The fascination of the movie is the relationship between the father and his son. His son was only the purpose for the father to live.

This movie makes me realize how happy we are to eat and have a warm place to sleep, and living in a normal world.