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The other day I gave my speech for student council vice president. I wasn’t feeling nervous for like the entire day up until about five minutes before I was supposed to give my speech. I felt like I was gonna puke all over the place. Anyway, supposedly my speech was really good, I got a lot of compliments and people told me that they weren’t sure who to vote for until they heard my speech, and they decided that they would vote for me, so that’s pretty cool. I’m not really sure why people think it was so good, I mean I feel like it was a pretty mediocre speech and there were better ones that people didn’t really seem to pay attention to, but whatever the case I’m glad people liked it. I mean I really just talked about representing the Students and like putting them and their desires first and stuff, which I feel like is kinda basic stuff when it comes to Student Council. But whatever, people liked it and maybe I’ll win tomorrow, I guess we’ll see.

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My Reaction to the Election

(Written the morning after the election, 6:40 am, November 9th, 2016)

Confused. Worried. Scared.

Those were the emotions I felt when I woke up this morning, and the first thing I did was google which candidate won the election.

I went to bed early last night and did not keep up with the polls out of fear and worry. When I first woke up, I was hopeful, I did not see any messages screaming in all caps that Donald Trump won. I thought, maybe Hillary pulled through. When the google results came up, it felt as though everything shifted. I started crying, yes, heavy, non-stop tears. My view of this whole country came tumbling down.

I never thought it would come to this, I never thought Trump would actually win. I had some faith in the people of America. Well, most of that faith is gone now.

Protests Against Trump Winning — Photo Credit: LA Times

I’m scared. For my rights, for my body’s rights, for the rights of women everywhere.

I’m scared. For the racial minorities that Trump targets, for their freedom and rights in this country.

I’m scared. For the future immigrants coming into this country, seeking solace from their own, to be denied and rejected, because of our new, intolerant president.

I’m scared. For all the people Donald Trump has promised to deport and keep out.

I’m scared. For the LGBT community. Mike Pence is now Vice President, he supports gay conversion therapy, and it has been announced that Trump will be an anti-LGBT president.

I’m scared. For anyone who is considered a minority, for anyone who is considered less than a person to Trump, for anyone who is judged or generalized by the color of their skin, their religion, where they come from, their gender, their sexuality, or anything else Donald Trump may view as “wrong” or “bad”.

With Donald Trump as President, this is not the “Land of the Free”, but the land of the oppressed.

The Polls are Rigged. No, Really. 

Donald Trump will never really get elected.” 

Looking around, I admit, it’s hard to imagine.

“77% of americans are women, are people of color, are gay, or are other minorities. He can’t win. He won’t.”(Read more here.)

And he wouldn’t, if they were all voting. But in communities of poverty, in communities where transportation is hard to obtain, in communities where lines are longer, in communities where instructions don’t make sense, voting is literally harder, and it’s not a coincidence.

Things like the new Photo ID requirements favor those who are wealthy- with passports and drivers licenses, and the money and time to find the proper paperwork, and the money for fees to get an ID. Although the requirement that citizens have a government issued idea isn’t new, the sudden backing of it is. Why limit how many eligible americans are able to participate in the elections? Because when 11% of the population does not have access to an ID, the overall voter turnout suffers.

Another example of the efforts to create an election where minorities voices are not behaved is the push to shut down early morning Sunday voting in some states where there is a prominent Black community, effectively targeting their religion and how they vote. (read more here)

Or, now that early voting has become popular in low-income and Black communities, it has become a target. Opportunities to register for early voting in communities of poverty are dwindling, at the push of scared politicians.
Maybe you’ve heard, in Texas, concealed carry permits are accepted, but state-issued student ID’s are not.

How about Voter Registration Laws, which both restrict and actively make registering to vote more difficult? 1 in 4 eligible americans are not registered to vote, and laws that make it hard not only to register but to stay registered are not helping.

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Americans, as a whole, have constructed a false sense of security for themselves, reassured by the idea of just how many people are against the election of Donald Trump, choosing to ignore the ways voting is becoming increasingly biased towards a certain “type” of voter. Do you know who voting is not difficult for? White people. Rich people. Republican people. In fact, voting is designed for the Trump supporters. For dedicated, passionate, privileged people.

It is not designed for Black people, or Hispanic people, or poor people. It is not designed for Hillary supporters.

The reality of President Trump has begun to sound far more possible.  

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Propositions, Elections, and Other Doozies

Well, I suppose its time for me to go off on the elections.

First of all, well done America. You did the best you could in a two party system (there’s  always Jill Stein though).

But (and this is all aimed at you California), what the hell.

Okay, I might need to quickly remind voters that you should research what you’re voting on before you actually vote. This is so you don’t just read the little blurb on the ballot and make a quick decision.

Let’s talk props.

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Joy of Joys

I find there to be nothing making my week slightly positive besides the fact that the Republican party is a mess. Some may shame me for finding joy in others misery, but to them I would respond with words not suitable for this site.

For those of you who prefer to not follow the Republican race, here is some news. Mitt Romney, the only feasible candidate now that Huntsman dropped out, just made a little confession. He admitted that he only pays about 15% on his taxes.

Mitt Romney is not one of those poor candidates either. This guy is loaded, so rich that he should just start wearing suits made out of money to the debates. So why then, Mr. Romney, are you paying only 15% while Americans that make about one millionth of what you make pay twice that rate?

His answer: because I am not making much income. He babbled about his only job being speaker positions (which he gets about $40k and hour for) and how he hasn’t been fully working for a while now. But he is still making enough to buy a small country each year.

Mitt Romney is a scumbag for a variety of reasons but this just adds on to it. Obviously our system is partially to blame for this rat to be able to sneak his way around tax codes, but being a public servant (if he was my servant he would be whipped daily) he should know better.

And if you thought that is not a big deal, one of Romney’s huge corporations (who are people too) seems to be keeping their funds (which are linked very closely with Romney) in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes. Damn, isn’t he just an outstanding citizen?

But while many people are up in arms about all of this, I feel no need to be. As much as I would love to see Romney be publicly humiliated by a variety of public displays, I am content with the chances of him being elected president going down. At this point all I want to see is Obama being sworn in so that we can decline more slowly into our final years as a great nation instead of being thrown into a third world plutocracy by good ol’ Mitt.

The Tide is High but We’re Voting On

Pot Fields

It is an exciting year for registered voters around California. Mostly because this year is the deciding year in the legalization of marijuana. It all comes down to the pot smokers of America and after November 2nd, 2010, those pot heads just might get the chance to “pineapple express” themselves more freely than ever before.

But, those free-living, foggy headed stoners may have to fight extra hard for the legalization of their favorite happy drug. Of course – as there has always been – there is controversy between pot smokers and well…everyone else.

There is clear opposition to this lightheaded lifestyle. Some people will fight just as hard if not harder (mostly because their opponents will be a bit more coherent and won’t be laughing as much at the opposing argument) to keep the oh-so-popular ‘wacky tobacky‘ out of the hands of America’s loyal citizens, and especially the hands of America’s youth.

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