Propositions, Elections, and Other Doozies

Well, I suppose its time for me to go off on the elections.

First of all, well done America. You did the best you could in a two party system (there’s  always Jill Stein though).

But (and this is all aimed at you California), what the hell.

Okay, I might need to quickly remind voters that you should research what you’re voting on before you actually vote. This is so you don’t just read the little blurb on the ballot and make a quick decision.

Let’s talk props.

Prop 34 (or the failed attempt to end the death penalty). What would Ghandi say about this one? He’d give it a big fat yes. You know why? Well, its the whole “eye for an eye” thing, but also because the death penalty is pretty silly to someone who thinks about it for a second. Let’s say for instance, someone was being sentenced to death for committing murder. To me, sentencing someone to death seems like the last thing you would do. Logically, doing exactly what they did doesn’t really seem fit. So California, you disappointed me on this one.

Prop 37 (or the failed attempt to tell the truth to consumers by labeling GMO food). You know what would be great? If we could go back to the 1870’s. You know, before all of those pesky “anti-trust” laws. If a consumer wants to know what potentially harmful things are in their food then they should damn well grow their own! Okay, I’ll stop the sarcasm. It seems to me that if we (the people) don’t get to know what corporations are putting in their food or how they’re making their food so strange or even how they’re wiping out entire species with GMO plants (cough, MONSANTO, cough), then why do we even have nutrition labels? You know the answer? It’s because people don’t understand what GMO foods are. We deserve the right to know what’s in our food, but thanks to the easily persuaded Californian voter…we don’t.

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