Public Embarrassment

I recently became my school’s varsity soccer goalie and was super excited for my first game. 5 minutes in, I got shat on. The other team’s striker shot a huge floater from outside the box. I saw the ball coming and thought I could get to it with ease. As I saw the ball floating in, I sheepishly backed up letting the ball hit the net above my head.

What a bummer.

I needed to have a good performance to guarantee the starting job and that is NOT what that accomplished.

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The helpless feeling of the ball floating over my head. The swish sound of the ball hitting the net. The collective sigh of our fans and players. I heard and felt it all. I punted the ball out of the net disgusted with myself. Heading back to the bench I put on a show, slamming my gloves into the ground, taking off my shirt, throwing my shin pads. I could feel the judgment from players who were complacent in the goal and wanted to tell them to chill out, in fact, when one teammate gave me a glare and said something to me I just said “please shut up”.

Anyway, I have a game today and am hoping for better performance.

What does it take to be a lacrosse goalie?

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Lacrosse. A sport that was played by the Native Americans. A sport that solves the problems of war. Instead of killing each other with swords and bows, many chose to play the game of lacrosse. (The solution of the problem would be decided by the winner of the game.) Since then, lacrosse has evolved into a modern sport, although it is not as popular as American football or basketball. Lacrosse industries have seen immense growth in the sport in the past ten years.

There is one specific position in lacrosse that requires the player to have a tough mentality, and good reaction: the goalie. If you think hockey goalies have it tough, imagine guarding a six-by-six foot goal with almost no body protection. Considering that the shots are usually taken five or ten yards out, an 80 mph condensed rubber ball no smaller than a baseball is flying towards you. Knowing that you only have a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and a stick with a net on it, would you stop it or would you get out of the way? The feeling of hot rubber scrapes your legs as you try to stop it, and it burns. Are you able to picture being in that position?

I started my lacrosse career in my 8th grade year at Ojai Valley School. Since then, I have fallen in love with the sport. At the beginning, I was introduced to the goalie position when some of my friends encouraged me to try it out and see if I liked it.

I had no idea that the position I was about to take was one that is high risk and requires a tough mentality. It was tough start to a new sport that I had never even heard of and had never even seen. My coach saw my potential in the position as well as my teammates and friends. With their encouragement, I continued and persevered. I played throughout middle school, and continued playing at the high school level.

There were not a lot of injuries during my 8th grade year, but playing at the high school level, I have suffered injuries to my knees, ears, and more. I have realized the sacrifices I have to make in order for my team to win and for me to be a successful goalie. Now I am a senior in high school and a team captain. After multiple losses and meltdowns in past seasons, I finally realize and understand what it takes for a person to be successful in a position as tough as lacrosse goalie.

So, are you tough enough to try the position out?

Disappointing results

Today we had a soccer game.  The team we were playing we have already played and we won 5 to 1 or something like that. Point is we beat them bad. But not today. Today we ended with a tie game.

I played a forward position so it fell to me as well as our other forwards to score. Unfortunately we could not finish, without lack of trying. We had ALOT of shots but nothing could just go in.

For the most part of the second half I felt like I wanted to strangle something I was so frustrated.  Nothing is more frustrating than having their goalie get the ball over and over and over again.

Sometimes these things happen where there seems to be an invisible wall preventing us from scoring, and it is infuriating. Next week we have another game and I really hope for my own sanity that we get some goals.

The cruel reality of soccer

Last Wednesday I experienced what three weeks of inactivity can do to a student athlete.  We played the Dunn School in soccer and boy was it a wake up call.  We lost if you were wondering, but it was more of the journey than the destination right.

My journey at least was very educational. For one I learned that after spending three weeks of break mostly most running between sofa and kitchen during commercials, I made a scientific discovery about myself. I cannot go and play a 90 minute game after those three weeks.  In fact I can only play about a ten minute game before my vision narrows, I begin to hyperventilate and beg my coach to take me out.

Now that is obviously not a good thing, but I rallied in the second half and played the entire half, albeit I ran much less.

Although I am an athlete, I do believe that running should be a sin.  In conjunction with that I love to play goalie, and defense.