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What a Year So Far.

Life is moving fast. 2017 was a historic year for Asian representation in America. Last year Liu Yifei was cast as Mulan, Kelly Marie Tran became the first Asian American lead in a Star Wars movie, Bangtan Sonyeondan – better known … Continue reading

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I’m Sure As Hell The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

I never really knew what true happiness was until July 7th, 2017. Sure, I’ve been happy before. I smile, I laugh, but never have I experienced a day where pure happiness radiated through the whole room and it was so … Continue reading

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LA Devotee

Are you an LA Devotee? I am and have been one for a while. My dad is convinced that “Californication” was written about me. For the very few that don’t know what that is, “Californication” is Red Hot Chili Pepper’s … Continue reading

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Quiet is violent

“I am not as fine as I seem, pardon.” – Twenty One Pilots Damn right you’re not perfect! Why else would you make us wait for your new album for THREE YEARS! You have this huge fanbase that follows you … Continue reading

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I Am The Grinch

As the world approaches the holidays, no matter where I go, all I hear is Christmas music. I really dislike Christmas music. Ergo, I guess I’m a bit of a Grinch. There’s just something that is so painfully cheesy and … Continue reading

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Queen Bey Stings Again

On November 2, the 2016 Country Music Awards were held. Usually filled with the many familiar faces of country music, this awards show’s 50th year was different. In a surprise performance, Beyoncé, accompanied by the Dixie Chicks, shocked fans with a … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Music…

Music is the most powerful of weapons. It is a loaded gun to your mind and you pull the trigger when you press play. The beat is the rounds going BANG, BANG, BANG. The feeling you get, the euphoric experience … Continue reading

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