over spending

Getting out of a mundane lifestyle is refreshing. Especially if you are a boarding student. It is really painful to spend your whole week in a tiny room. So school provides weekend activities for student’s entertainment every week. The activity could vary, from hiking to a mall trip.

            Personally my favorite activity is a mall trip where I can have fun eating and shopping. However, every single time I go shopping I tend to overspend. I always think that it is ok to waste my money on stuff that would be a waste for me eventually. Because of my habit, I have bunch of waste that I don’t even look at. I always regret when I look at stuff that I bought a while ago under my bed covered in dust.

From this point I will not over spend on stuff that is unnecessary.

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Big Day is Coming!

As the Thanksgiving break is coming, most of my friends are already planning on their “Back Friday” shopping schedule.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the major shopping days of the year in the US.

The term “Black Friday” can be traced back in the 1960s. “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit. Ever since, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to a holiday shopping season.

As the retailers began to realize that they could draw big crowds by discounting prices, Black Friday became the day to shop, even better than those last-minute of Christmas sales. On “Black Friday,” most retailers put their items up for a BIG sale on the morning of Thanksgiving, or inform their customers through emails days before the actual event.

On Black Friday, crowds of people will line up in front of the malls or stores waiting for the opening. Many retailers open up at 5 am or even earlier to hordes of people.

At the same time, those people who prefer to shop online also get the deals. Many online retailers also have pre-Black Friday or special Thanksgiving sales.

Anyways, get ready for the break and this BIG DAY!

Sandy Friends and Smiley Beaches.

This weekend was so good.

Yesterday, I got off campus with my best friends to go shopping in Santa Barbara. I mean, what could go wrong there? Four girls on State Street, a beautiful sunny day in California, shopping. It was fantastic.

We ended up eating at Pascucci’s for dinner. Although I was never a big fan of the restaurant because I believe the food is incredibly bland, I nevertheless had an amazing time with my girls, all of whom I will miss so so so much after June 8th of this year…

Today, the girls headed out to the beach.

The day was beautiful and we made so many memories under the sun. Sand was everywhere and we strutted around in our bright bikinis, showing off our fabulous shorts tans we all accumulated from sports.

Anyways, although I am super happy, I am growing scared because of how close graduation is. 60 more days! And then we all part our different ways and walk the rest of the paths we were on.

All I can say is that I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with such wonderful girls. I know I will never forget them and that we will always, ALWAYS stay best friends, wherever we are on this Earth.

Netflix, Tetris Battle, and Online Shopping

These 3 things will be the death of me.

I am suffering from lack of sleep every day, or at least it seems that way.

I know I only have myself to blame, but seriously, there are WAY too many distractions around these days, especially on the internet.

I recently got a Netflix account, and there are so many good movies and shows that I have wanted to watch, but never have time. So, when is it that I can find time? When I should really be sleeping, of course. And TV shows always have such suspenseful endings, I can hardly quit once I have started.

Tetris battle has been making me crazy. Each game is only 2 minutes, so I always thing to myself, “What’s the harm in one more game? It’s only 2 minutes.” But that keeps escalating, and I play way more than I should. It is the most addicting game in history. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Online shopping is extremely luring because there is no way for me to go out and shop, so online is the only way I can get my fix. I have some extra money at the moment, and I guess I’m just dying to spend it. Shoes are my main obsession… There is no way I could go a day without at least shoe shopping for 10 minutes.

I really need to figure out how to help myself break the curse these things have put me under; there is no way around procrastination. I need a day where I can just sleep for hours and watch Netflix, play tetris battle, and online shop for as long as I want to get it all out of my system.

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings originated in Ireland during the reign of William and Mary in the 17th Century.  The first ring was created in the small fishing village of Claddagh.  “Claddagh” comes from the Irish term an Cladach, meaning “flat stony shore.”

Made up of three parts, the components of the ring stand for the necessities of a relationship.

The heart represents love.

The hands symbolize friendship.

And the crown means loyalty.

They can be given in love or in friendship.  Or you can just buy one because they’re pretty.

Claddagh rings can be worn four ways.

If worn on the right ring finger with the heart facing out toward the fingertip, it means the person is not romantically involved; hence the “open” heart

If worn on the right ring finger with the heart facing in toward the wrist, it means the person is in a relationship and their heart is “closed.”

They can also serve as wedding/engagement rings.

If worn on the left ring finger with the heart facing out, it means the person is engaged.

If worn on the left ring finger with the heart facing in, it means they are married.

However, this is all assuming the person knows how to wear a Claddagh ring and is aware of its meaning and symbolic significance.

Claddagh rings are often embellished with Celtic trinity knots (as pictured above).

The information below is courtesy of  What’sYourSign.com

The trinity knot or triquetra (Latin for “three cornered”) can have a number of meanings.

The corners can represent:

Past, Present, Future.

Mind, Body, Spirit.

Thought, Feeling, Emotion.

Power, Intellect, Love.

Creation, Preservation, Destruction.

Other World, Mortal World, Celestial World.

Anyway, I think they’re awesome.  So if you get a chance, check them out.

Banned Books Week topic in World History

This past week we talked about National Banned Books Week. In my opinion, banning books is wrong. Why wrong you might ask? Wrong because by banning a book we are hiding and keeping information from the people. Wrong, because in most cases the content of a book is merely a reflection of a real life issue or occurrence.

A book touching on the topics of homosexuality or racial differences is not a valid reason to ban a book. A book about the old south that has the “N” word in it is not a fair reason to ban a book, especially because the “N” word is being used to provide the reader a feel for how things were in the south way back when.

Books shouldn’t be banned because there is a bigger possibility that the people reading a book about a war will be shocked and learn that war isn’t the answer, than for those people to think that they should go out an mass murder a crowd of people due to their influence from that book.

If people are this afraid of what a books content will do to the minds of those who read them, then I wish you luck with real life problems because you are clearly unaware of what sort of things life brings to the table.

If a book can change every bodies mind of what a government is doing and lead the people to revolt and demand a change, then the government was definitely doing something wrong.

Books are powerful tools for understanding and for expression, but most of all books are a way to describe a situation or a period of time in the highest about of detail possible. even if it means there is foul language, racial differences or sexual implication portrayed in the novel.


What do you think about Book Banning?

Rain is the Norm

Rain: moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops (according to apple). Rain is definitely common in The British Isles; it’s the norm, something that I now strangely see as positive after a month in Ojai.

Rain is what makes everything luscious and green and allows us to wear the great apparel called rain gear. Granted rain doesn’t come with the positives of giving you a glowing color or allow you to wear shorts, but it is definitely refreshing.

Pessimists could argue that rain is horrible, and I say I can see their perspective — coming in after a trip out completely drenched is not always fun in the best of circumstances. But it definitely makes you appreciate your comfy warm home a lot more.

I now see rain as an extreme positive, but I must say too much can be slightly overwhelming. Everything in moderation.

In fact it’s raining in England right now, so off I go to suit up in my rain gear and enjoy the most of the great weather while I can.