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What a Year So Far.

Life is moving fast. 2017 was a historic year for Asian representation in America. Last year Liu Yifei was cast as Mulan, Kelly Marie Tran became the first Asian American lead in a Star Wars movie, Bangtan Sonyeondan – better known … Continue reading

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Beyond Earth Part One

Intro: The year is 2044, the population is over 20 billion, but the world is at peace. All the worlds problems like hunger, disease, and pollution have been solved. It’s a perfect utopia. All the mysteries of the world have … Continue reading

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To Mars and beyond

Humanity sits on the cusp of a new explorative era, one in which humanity will no longer be confined on a single planet. Setting foot on mars and the subsequent colonization that will occur will socially and politically transform Earth. … Continue reading

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Up and down

It begins with a white red blast.   Will the velocity ever last?   Takes much time to break that one rule.   Reaching for such heights makes one a fool.   Stage one is simple, there’s no doubt.   … Continue reading

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Rockets to the Rescue

The future is here. Space X, headed by Elon Musk, has invented the first soft landing rocket in human history. Just what is a soft landing rocket you ask? Traditionally space rockets have one use, all fuel is used up … Continue reading

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Why even spin?

Rock green-blue floats in the sky. Does it spin for nothing; or keeps hope alive? When a speck breathes; whom decides to care? When a speck dies; is he really there? Fighting for rocks to power great things. Is it … Continue reading

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Isolation is a theme that I address in a lot of my short stories and poems. I think the way a person deals with the feeling that they are separated from the rest of society creates a unique look into … Continue reading

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