Rockets to the Rescue


The future is here. Space X, headed by Elon Musk, has invented the first soft landing rocket in human history. Just what is a soft landing rocket you ask?

Traditionally space rockets have one use, all fuel is used up and the rockets attached to the spacecraft burn up in atmosphere or crash in the ocean. With a soft landing rocket the rocket will enter in a controlled descent through atmosphere and then safely land at its launch point intact. This will cut the cost of space travel by seventy percent. Instead if costing fifty million dollars to launch a rocket, that same rocket would only cost seven million dollars

This is one of the most significant inventions the world has seen it will revolutionize space travel and human history.

Why even spin?


Rock green-blue floats in the sky.

Does it spin for nothing; or keeps hope alive?

When a speck breathes; whom decides to care?

When a speck dies; is he really there?

Fighting for rocks to power great things.

Is it worth all the pain?

The great ones have said yes and made it so.

Why should one toil, no one seems to know.

The heart will beat, decades will pass.

The heart’s beat will stop, it will never last.

Gathered around to see ones deeds.

Is that what a dead soul truly needs?


Isolation is a theme that I address in a lot of my short stories and poems. I think the way a person deals with the feeling that they are separated from the rest of society creates a unique look into a person’s mind. It creates a more real perspective.

Isolation is an interesting concept in the age where we have people living for months at a time in space. Six people can live thousands of miles away from their home on the planet, but survive for months.

Space and the deep sea create interesting locations for stories, and the exploration poses serious questions about the sanity of the human mind.

Breaking Through

Breaking through was the hardest part. They said that on the other side we would find happiness, answers, something. There must have been a reason the universe inexplicably stopped expanding.

The crew of our small expedition consisted of five of us. The “best” people for the job. Best. I would describe us as inexperienced. Too young. Lost.

The greatest minds of our time wanted answers and we were the crew assigned to the job. The journey to the edge was instantaneous.

To break through we had to bend the laws of what we thought was possible. We [Process Classified].

When we breached the edge of the universe there was nothing but darkness. Then it started infecting us.

[Name removed] was the first infected by the bug.

The parasite’s symptoms were unlike any others any of us had ever seen.

It was not a physical disease. It starts with projecting an image of unbelievable beauty. It captivates you. Seeing it absorbs your every thought. Nothing else matters.

Then, like a candle burning out for the last time, it disappears and never returns.

It fills you with a need for it. It becomes an addiction. You beg for it to return.

After days of waiting. It returns, but it isn’t the same. Something is wrong. The happiness is replaced by fear. It consumes you. It hurts to live. [Names removed] ended their lives at this point. I locked the last survivor other than myself in a cell at his request.

He lives through the fear and walks up to the window and explains to me what he feels. “I have seen all. We should never have tested these limits. Life isn’t meant to be tested like this. GO LEAVE.” The rest of his words were muddled and unrecognizable.

Looking outside the window of my quarters I have to wonder why I haven’t been infected, but my mind has been fixated on a thought. A thought I can’t quite place, but It is beautiful.

Just beautiful.

Falling to New heights!!!

Sky Diving has long been considered an extreme sport, even though in reality it is quite safe. Most people think of sky diving as reckless and perhaps even stupid, Felix Baumgartner plans to take this reputation to new heights.

Currently the record for the worlds highest free fall is 19.5 miles. The jump was made in 1960 from a height of 102,800 ft by retired astronaut Joe Kittinger. Kittinger is currently one of the advisors for Felix as Felix attempts to do what very few people have done before. Other safety officials include Dr. Clark whose wife Laurel died in the Columbia space shuttle crash in 2003. Dr.Clark has since become an expert in Spacecraft emergency escape.

Hopefully Felix’s achievement allow humanity to soar to new heights, and push the limits of what is possible and what is not.

Space Hotels Make Vacationing Among the Stars Possible!

The Galactic Suite Space Resort is reported to be on schedule and expected to launch its first guests into space in 2012. Guests would pay roughly $4.4 million for a three night stay at the space resort and an eight week training program on an island. The Virgin Galactic, a space touring company, would launch four lucky guests and two astronaut pilots from a spaceport in New Mexico into the sky to single pod, where the visitors would land alone and not be met up with staff. Each ride would cost each passenger roughly $200,000.

Once at the Galactic Suite, the guests would be harnessed in a velcro suit so they could shift around their rooms by adhering to the velcro walls. The guests will be able to see the sun rise 15 times in 24 hours and circumnavigate around the globe every hour and 20 minutes.

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starwars apocalypse 2012

My god, George Lucas just won’t stop messing with Star Wars will he. Apparently it has come to my attention that a 3-d re-release of the Star Wars saga beginning with episode 1 is set to debut in 2012, date TBA. They are starting with The Phantom Menace which came out in 1999 for those of us who remember. It was the one where Darth Maul has that cool double saber, and a more awesome look than Darth Vader, and is frankly, a more badass villain. It also included Jar Jar Binks, the annoying alien thing that looks like a rejected Pokemon character who many despise and some even consider racist. Now I usually enjoy stupid characters in movies, when they’re funny.

Now this may be a welcome change when it comes to logic seeing as how they are opening with part one rather than part four, even though A New Hope was an awesome movie. They are going to start with part 1 and base the re-makes on ticket sales. Speaking of said sales, I for one am not too thrilled about the jacked up ticket prices when a movie just happens to be in 3-d. Tickets at my local theater go for  $10 for an adult ticket. When I saw Pirhanna,  My Bloody Valentine, Beowulf, ticket sales were all $15. Plus with that being said, I wasn’t a fan of episode 1 in the first place. Not to mention 2 or 3 before the good ones start.

So I’m a little apprehensive about this, especially since Lucas can’t seem to stop upgrading his movies in re-releases. Him and Spielberg‘s parody episode in SouthPark was 100% fact, and not to mention hilarious. So $15 to see an inferior Star Wars? No thank you.

And if the reason for this was to once and for all settle the debate about Han or Greedo shooting first, then that’s just sad.