Here’s to Strong Women

She’s strong, she’s talented, she’s smart. My friend is headed towards great things.

Soon we’ll be in college, I know I won’t be going to the same school as her anymore, but I know I’ll never forget her.

You know someone is extraordinary when they have so many amazing goals that they don’t know what to pursue.

Sometimes I think, what will she be doing in four years?

Will she be a influential member in race and resistance studies, standing up to oppression and persecution?

Will she be a rising scholar in gender and feminism studies, striving to create a more equal world?

Will she be a social justice worker?

Will she be a photo journalist, not only using her power with words to inspire, but her talent with captured memories, also?

Will she be filmmaker and editor, creating barrier-breaking and revolutionary films?

Will she be a gender sexuality savant, fighting for the LGBTQ+ community?

Will she be a sociologist, endeavoring  to generate social polyphony?

Will she be a lawyer fighting for human rights?

I don’t think she’s just going to chose one of these. I think she’s going to do all of them, because if she sets her mind to something, there’s no stopping her.

I know sometimes you get nervous. You wonder how you’ll accomplish everything you hope to. You occasionally struggle to understand your identity, what path to take. You get down some times. You make wrong decisions and question your worth.

I know you are strong, but I know we all have our doubts and struggles. But never forget, I’m here for you. I’m rooting for you. I love you.

You are an inspiration, an amazing friend, and you are going to make such a big difference in the world.

Never forget your goals, for I know, you can and you will achieve them all.

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October Brings All Good Things

It is common knowledge that the point of October is Halloween, what with dress up and ghosts; pumpkins, with carving and all the pumpkin-y food; and boots, scarves, and sweaters.

But that being said, I recently found something that outranks basically all but Halloween in my list of reasons to love October.

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31 inked art pieces in 31 days.

Started in 2009 by artist Jake Parker, it has since grown into a worldwide event.

At this point, many popular artists have created their own iterations of the basic prompt. Like @missupacey ‘s Witchtacular or @lyfeillustration ‘s Goddess Lyfeink16.

Photo Credit: Lydia Fenwick (@lyfeillustration) via

This year I have been following many of these artists working through Instagram. I also happen to just browse the art the rest of the world is doing.

It has, thus far, been a really really cool experience because no matter the level of art experience, people who like art are united for a whole month.

The best part is that since it is a self challenge, there aren’t really any hard and fast rules. The art is really up to the artist, they can choose to follow a prompt for all 31 days, parts of a prompt, no prompt, or only certain days.

While I don’t consider myself an artist per say, I do really enjoy art, so I decided to take part in the challenge.

It has been an amazingly eye-opening experience so far.

My Day 6: @missupacey’s Witchtacular prompt

While I hold no candle to the likes of @missupacey or @lyfeillustration, I have found that I have grown so much in technical ability and ability to translate my creative vision into an actual tangible image.

But most importantly, since starting (a day late albeit) I am finding that I feel happier.

My Day 4: no prompt

Festival of Talent

This Friday was my 3rd and last time performing in the annual Festival of Talent for school. My sophomore and junior years I sang a song with my friend Maddie and this year I sang a song with my friend Serry.

This year, we had a hard time choosing which song to sing, because there were so many good ones that we had in mind. We finally came to the decision of singing a song called “Meant to Be” by Melissa Polinar.

Since I first discovered it, it has been one of my favorite songs and thankfully it fit both of our voices well. We only had a few practices, but it came together really quickly. Music teacher Mr. Boyd was amazing at figuring out the guitar on such short notice and with no tabs (THANK YOU!!).

I usually get extremely nervous about singing in front of a crowd, and I was nervous when I went on stage, but for some reason when I started singing this time my nerves died down. I think it’s just the fact that it was such a bittersweet moment, my last talent show and probably the last time I will be singing in front of people.

There were SO MANY other awesome acts in this show. To start us off we had an amazing robot-like dance by Jack Liu that was just phenomenal. It was so entertaining and it was obvious he spent a lot of time perfecting every move and that he has such a natural talent for dancing. There were a lot of other singing acts and a really awesome piano battle with 2 extremely talented pianists. The acting group the Spud Factory had 2 very cute short films, one that was dedicated to the senior class that was very sweet and thoughtful of them. It was so entertaining and I think that everyone there had an awesome time.

I will definitely miss performing in front of people and seeing all the other talent that the school has to offer. Thankfully, I get to perform one last time at the concert before graduation, my very last hurrah at OVS. I can’t wait to sing with chorus and the most amazing voice coach Mrs. Boyd one last time.

Music these days.

I am so tired of hearing crappy music every time I turn on the radio or walk past another student’s room. I know, it really depends on each person’s opinion of what is “crappy” or not. But really, all I’ve been hearing are songs involving way too much cussing and annoying, repetitive phrases involving “big booty chicks” or “getting money”.

If music had been a person, he or she would be very disappointed to see him or her self now. Sure, music is about expressing yourself. But really, are those people really expressing themselves, or just making these ridiculous songs just to make money? What happened to the good music? Like the Beatles or Michael Jackson? People seem to forget about them more than they realize.

It really grinds my gears to hear amazing and talented artists, bands, or musicians go unrecognized for a long time, or forever. I know that not everyone can be famous or share their music with the rest of us, but in my opinion, these people deserve recognition more than the rap artists who repeat themselves in every song.

Variety and self-expression is what makes music beautiful. I feel like these days, the values expressed in songs are very questionable and the lyrics are just distasteful.