October Brings All Good Things

It is common knowledge that the point of October is Halloween, what with dress up and ghosts; pumpkins, with carving and all the pumpkin-y food; and boots, scarves, and sweaters.

But that being said, I recently found something that outranks basically all but Halloween in my list of reasons to love October.

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Izienicki (@missupacey) via insharee.com


31 inked art pieces in 31 days.

Started in 2009 by artist Jake Parker, it has since grown into a worldwide event.

At this point, many popular artists have created their own iterations of the basic prompt. Like @missupacey ‘s Witchtacular or @lyfeillustration ‘s Goddess Lyfeink16.

Photo Credit: Lydia Fenwick (@lyfeillustration) via http://www.tumblr.com

This year I have been following many of these artists working through Instagram. I also happen to just browse the art the rest of the world is doing.

It has, thus far, been a really really cool experience because no matter the level of art experience, people who like art are united for a whole month.

The best part is that since it is a self challenge, there aren’t really any hard and fast rules. The art is really up to the artist, they can choose to follow a prompt for all 31 days, parts of a prompt, no prompt, or only certain days.

While I don’t consider myself an artist per say, I do really enjoy art, so I decided to take part in the challenge.

It has been an amazingly eye-opening experience so far.

My Day 6: @missupacey’s Witchtacular prompt

While I hold no candle to the likes of @missupacey or @lyfeillustration, I have found that I have grown so much in technical ability and ability to translate my creative vision into an actual tangible image.

But most importantly, since starting (a day late albeit) I am finding that I feel happier.

My Day 4: no prompt

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