Music these days.

I am so tired of hearing crappy music every time I turn on the radio or walk past another student’s room. I know, it really depends on each person’s opinion of what is “crappy” or not. But really, all I’ve been hearing are songs involving way too much cussing and annoying, repetitive phrases involving “big booty chicks” or “getting money”.

If music had been a person, he or she would be very disappointed to see him or her self now. Sure, music is about expressing yourself. But really, are those people really expressing themselves, or just making these ridiculous songs just to make money? What happened to the good music? Like the Beatles or Michael Jackson? People seem to forget about them more than they realize.

It really grinds my gears to hear amazing and talented artists, bands, or musicians go unrecognized for a long time, or forever. I know that not everyone can be famous or share their music with the rest of us, but in my opinion, these people deserve recognition more than the rap artists who repeat themselves in every song.

Variety and self-expression is what makes music beautiful. I feel like these days, the values expressed in songs are very questionable and the lyrics are just distasteful.

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