Family Guy/Seth MacFarlane

For years this cartoon has been enchanting the homes of those young and old.

This show first aired on January 31, 1999.

File:Family Guy Logo.svg

I feel like I have watched this show since birth, and while this is not true, I have seen every episode, all 190 of them.

When this show first aired I was two and a half years old, so i don’t think it was exactly appropriate for me to watch it at that age.

Family guy is a hilarious adult cartoon created by the wonderful mind of Seth Macfarlane.

Family Guy may be MacFarlane’s most famous piece, but he has done many other shows such as “American Dad!” and the “Cleveland Show“.

He has is also a fantastic vocalist, and just recently put out is first feature length film, “Ted“.

Here MacFarlane can be heard doing the voice of Ted.

All of MacFarlane’s work usually has some sort of comedy, music, and political satire.

Back to the subject, Family Guy.

Family Guy is a cartoon sitcom of a family from Quahog, Rhode Island.

If you did not know Quahog is not a real place, but it has been created for this dysfunctional family to live in.

The show stars the family consisting of Peter Griffin(Father), Lois Griffin(Mother), Meg(Daughter), Chris(Older Son), Stewie(Baby), and Brian the talking dog.

Also on Spooner Street lives Quagmire, Peter’s perverted friend who has an obsession with Peter’s wife Lois.

There is also Joe the paraplegic cop who is Peter and Quagmire’s best friend.

Up until recently in the group of three there was Cleveland Brown who usually could be found with Peter, Joe, and Quagmire at the Clam (the local bar), or taking a bath at the wrong time that Peter’s shenanigans always interupt.

Cleveland moved out of town, and now has his own show, also written by MacFarlane, called “The Cleveland Show.”

Another unique thing about MacFarlane is that he also does pretty much every voice in his shows.

As seen here: Start the video at about 1:38 to get a taste of how MacFarlane does his voices.

His abilities to have different voices both female and male, makes him a very versatile voice over actor, but also allows him to create scenes that many writers and producers would not think of because it might not be possible for them to accomplish.

Family Guy has an even closer connection to me as MacFarlane’s parents both worked at the Ojai Valley School which I have attended for 8 years now.

OJAI VALLEY SCHOOL - a place of awakenings

His father Ron taught in the learning center, and his mother Perry worked admissions, and was actually the one who first toured me around the school, and went through the admissions process with my family.

Perry was always a glowing ball of energy wearing bright blouses and large rock jewelry as she walked around campus.

Sadly Perry died in 2010 after a long battle with cancer.

Her presence is missed, but she will forever remain in my heart.

Ron is still alive and well, while he is no longer with the Ojai Valley School, he does make an appearance in an episode here or there, or most recently he can be seen in a skit where his son is telling him how he was just chosen to host the upcoming Oscars.

Seth MacFarlane while a very talented was always great to his mother and father, and I truly respect him for that.

He helped them with whatever they needed, and you could tell that his parents were truly proud of what he had made of himself.

I am sure his mother is looking down on him right now thinking about how great her son turned out.

I am sure he misses her every day, as I do whenever anyone talks about her.

I hope that he goes on to create more episodes of this fantastic show, and has great success in whatever else he attempts, so far he has not gone down the wrong path.

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