Like I promised, here is my post about my first adventure into Roma. I apologize for the delay.

A group of eight friends and I hoped on the fist train on a saturday morning to Roma from Viterbo at about seven in the morning. Of course like anyone of my age, getting up at seven on a saturday is not ideal, therefore I was incredibly sleepy and not in the peppiest of spirits about sitting on a train for two hours.

But as soon I began to enter the outskirts of Rome, everything was so beautiful I immediately woke up and was possibly more excited than everyone else. We got of the train and took the metro to “piazza del colosseo.” Literally right in front of you when you walk up the stairs exiting the metro is the colosseum. BAM right there! It was incredible.

Of course my friends and I had to stand there just in awe, taking touristy pictures, and buying postcards for half an hour. After that we proceeded to tour the colosseum from the outside. It’s rather time and money consuming to get the inside tour, so we figured to save that for another day.

Walking towards downtown Rome from the colosseum is just purely spectacular. There is nothing within twenty feet of you that isn’t beautiful or something that you haven’t seen in a history book.

Of course, for me, Rome was immediately a big hit because there are carriage horses everywhere you go! I was in Roman horse heaven. My friends eventually stopped waiting for me when I stopped to pet every single one that we passed.

After breakfast and planning our map for the day we headed to the Trevi Fountain. Not only was it awe dropping beautiful, but awe dropping for the fact that so many people can fit around it. There must have been more than 500 people surrounding the fountain and on the steps.

So as soon as my friends and I squeezed our way through to the fountain we did the usual touristy thing to do. We threw a coins over our shoulders while making wishes into the fountain.

Following the fountain we proceeded to see the Spanish steps, Piazza Venezia,the Pantheon and Corso(the shopping strip).

After the sight seeing and a delicious lunch my group and I made a mad dash to catch our train to Viterbo. I don’t think I’ve ever power walked so hard in my life! In the end the mad dash was completely silly, since we arrived 20 minutes early and then had to wait in the hot, humid underground platform for the train.

In the end Roma was just an overall exhausting, chaotic, but insanely beautiful and fun trip. And I can’t wait to do it again, it’s only a short train ride away I’m surprised I’m not there every weekend.

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  1. thebrownguy says:

    great stuff, carolita!!

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