World of Color.

Art is a mysterious world. Different culture produces different kinds of arts. As for my experience with ART, Chinese Watercolor is my favorite way to express this world.

Even though water color art actually originated in Europe, the Chinese were quite familiar with the use of the brush as they were expert calligraphers that worked with their own tools – brush and ink. The origin of it can be traced back to about 2000 years ago.

Initially the Chinese artists focused on realistic expression of their subject matter. This approach produced some fantastic paintings that displayed intricate detailing and an intelligent use of color.

Later on the Chinese experimented by adopting different techniques such as abstraction and exaggeration and other new techniques such as transfiguration and decoration. Colors are used in the two mayor styles of Chinese painting, in the detailed, more academic style called kung-pi (gongbi) and in the spontaneous style hsieh-i (xieyi).

However, It didn’t take long for watercolor art to become popular in China. With the mastery of the Chinese over the brush they were able to create inspiring works of art including three major themes – landscapes, people and flowers/ birds.

This particular kind of art in China is considered to express not only a simple scenery, but also the painter’s inner feeling about the community, society, and even the whole country.

Today after more than a hundred years of experimenting with watercolor art it has become one of the most popular mediums of artistic expressions.

The world of colors is infinite and one can easily get lost in it. The overriding feeling that one gets from Chinese watercolor arts is a romantic sense that  will last forever long.

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