Worst Person #26-Gregg Williams

Well, the Saints’ bounty gate case has been resolved, and each person involved has been freed from his suspension.

That doesn’t really matter now that the season is 3 games away from concluding. However, the Saints still have a slight mathematical shot to reach the playoffs. So anything is possible. Sean Payton might come back.

But there’s still one more guy that hasn’t been relieved of his suspension.

That man is Gregg Williams, the head of the entire bounty operation.

Well, the reason he’s bad this time around isn’t because he decided to pay Jonathan Vilma to break someone in half.

He decided to say that Joe Vitt was the mastermind and wouldn’t allow him to stop the bounty system.

This just sounds like another excuse he came up with to try and get back in the league.

As an athlete myself, I understand that taking benefits to break someone is unacceptable.

While I do not condone the actions taken by Gregg Williams, I also believe that this is part of the game. This isn’t just the Saints. Each team has their own type of bounty system set up. These players are glorified criminals. I love this league, but the players are maniacs. I love the league because of it.

Gregg Williams, take your blame and don’t throw the blame on someone like Vitt who had nothing to do with the continuation of the program.

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