Finals and the pressure that comes with them

Right now I am taking a break from analyzing my interview notes and filling the gaps in my history knowledge to speak about finals.

This is the first time I have felt really concerned about every. single. one. of my finals. I am on the border of A/B in all of my classes and these finals could mean the difference between going to the college I have had my eyes on, Northeastern, and losing this option forever.

This is a huge pressure on me and I am concerned with what the results might be.

History is one of my strong points and I have been studying, but there are definite gaps in my knowledge.

Journalism has been kicking my butt all year. We have one last article to write before the end of the year and the final grades. This has me very stressed about my grade.

English is something that I am not very nervous about due to my knowledge of the material being tested.

Calculus. Oh god. Calculus is going to be a nightmare. I am going to have to ace this final to oblivion to even consider an A. I have been studying a lot and am planning on going to the 2 and a half hour study session for extra review.

Physics is one of my stronger points and I am actually excited to take the final and I am prepared for it.

Finals should be… Interesting.

Now back to Writing the Journalism final that I have been dreading.

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