Picture Perfect

I recently wrote a story about the bike ride our school took. They left on Superbowl Sunday, and rode about 25 miles from the campus to the beach.

I was very proud of my story. I had fun with it, and in my opinion at least, the writing was pretty good. But then came the art

Every story needs a picture to go with it, some sort of visual. And in our Journalism class we don’t stage or photoshop photos. This would be awesome if it didn’t complicate things so much.

I started out on my mission to get a picture of the group that went on the bike ride by asking the teacher who led the trip to make an announcement at morning meeting. He did, asking all the students who went to meet up with him and I quickly after the meeting.

Since I don’t have my own camera, and have absolutely no idea how to shoot good photos, my classmate helped me out. We had the group stand in a couple different places in the courtyard, then behind the Spanish room as well.

Unfortunately, in all the photos we took the lighting was absolutely terrible. Somehow the background behind the students ended up completely white.

So on Monday we went back and made another announcement. At this point, the group wasn’t exactly my biggest fan. The lighting though, was a lot better. On the tiny screen on the camera, the picture looked pretty good.

But when we put it on the computer, we realized there was something very wrong with it. The faces of the group were not exactly picture perfect. In fact, put all of it together and you have possibly one of the worst photos ever.

It’s also the funniest.

Anyways, even though I went through all that trouble to get the art, and I do have a picture, my story got killed. Sadly. At least I have this picture to keep me laughing though!



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