To the sea

Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to explore the sea. Today I got my chance. I got into my skin tight waterproof suit and entered my sub.

I went deeper and deeper seeing the assortment of aquatic life next to me. The blue water slowly obscuring the sun and becoming black.

Animals the size of buildings would drift by as I explored this brand new ocean. Schools of fish would surround my vessel as I sat in wonder at the sights and sounds.

Deeper I go into the blackness. Arrays of light from bioluminescent creatures illuminate the sub at this level. The pressure down here is incredible from the huge weight of water above me.

A single angler fish appears in front of me its horrifying appearance is unique to this part of the ocean.

The bottom welcomes me as i give light to something that has never seen the sun, yet it has evolved and matured to become a thriving ecosystem.

I am always amazed at the way life can live in the most dangerous of places.

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