Actually I am not a great math student, and math is not my favorite subject to study. I mean math is gonna be very useful in our future careers, but what I don’t like about math is that math is just confusing sometimes and I hate the feeling when all of those numbers are stuck in my head.

Tests have to be performed in education, I totally understand that and I’ve been taking so many tests as I grow up so I dont have any problems about tests or I should say students just have to take tests.

To be honest I am going to be more nervous to take a test after a full review and study for it. Because if I did not study at all, then I know I won’t do good, but if I studied, of course I will be nervous because I might do good and I also might not. I don’t fear numbers or math because they are all in my daily life.

I had Haldy and Mr. Edwards as my past math teachers in OVS and they really make the math classes enjoyable, so I kinda don’t feel like I hate math that much. Math is important fun, but if it is possible, I hope I won’t have to see it anymore.


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