NHL-It’s a distant second

Well, as you guys remember, I was a pretty big fantasy football player during the NFL season. This season, I follow fantasy hockey. I’ve been playing with a few of my friends this season and I’ve really enjoyed making some trades (including some that shouldn’t have been made and now I’m just laughing to the bank with it :))

Anyway, I’ve always been a pretty big NHL fan. I am a New Jersey Devils fan, and my favorite player is probably Ilya Kovalchuk. To be honest, I don’t have a favorite player. I just love watching some good hockey.

I especially love this time of year, which is trade season. The trade deadline is on Wednesday and teams are making some last minute adjustments to their rosters in the hopes of pushing for the playoffs.

I just want to discuss the Jarome Iginla trade from last week real quick. Iginla was traded to the Pittsburg Penguins for a first round pick and two college prospects. I think the Flames win this trade given Jarome’s age. But, I want to direct everyone’s attention to one of the college prospects that the Pens sent to Calgary.

I went to school back in New Jersey for a few years. I went to middle school and my freshman year of high school at Delbarton School in Mendham, New Jersey. Delbarton is notorious for having an incredibly strong hockey program. They frequently send players to the pros. This particular college prospect, Kenny Agostino, is a Delbarton Grad. I walked down the halls of the school past Kenny on a number of occasions. So, for the rest of my life, I can say “Hey, I went to school with a guy that got traded in the NHL,”. He’s a great player so once he goes to Calgary after Yale, the Flames will love having him.

I’ve been bragging about it all week. It’s kinda cool to see the name of someone you knew so many years ago come up in professional sports. Not alot of people get the chance to say that.


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