A little Dove chocolate told me to enjoy the small things in life.

This is a stage in my life that I need the small things.

With the stress of school, sports, and a social life, it’s the little moments that make it all worth it.

They happen here and there, but today for instance it rained.

The rain brings me great happiness. It cleanses the ground, but it makes everything clean and new.

Flowers bloom, and otherwise dusty hills become rolling green hills.

This is the entrance into spring that we have been waiting for.

The past few weeks have brought a lot of stress to an already stressful life.

One would think that having a single mother with multiple incurable diseases would cause stress.

Having her go to the hospital unexpectedly would seem to cause stress, but that is my life.

This is who I am, this is how my family works.

I can accept that my mother is sick and I can find happiness in the fact that she always comes home, although sometimes not without a fight, she has managed to make it back every time.

On this Easter Sunday I ask you to consider this.

I don’t care what your beliefs are, or if you don’t believe, but there is something on this Earth and beyond that has kept my mother here.

Living and fighting for the only thing she has to live for, her 4 amazing children.

We have our ups and downs as a family, but we roll with the punches.

When I opened this chocolate, did I think I was going to write about my mother? No.

It is little signs like that, that point us in the right direction. 

Have I been stressed because the past few weeks of my mom’s health have been rocky? Yes.

Have I been stressed because schoolwork is piling on and I feel like I am drowning in it? Yes.

Am I stressed because I have to prepare for the rest of my life right now, and if I mess up it could affect what I do as a career, the kind of family I have, and the well being of that family? Hell Yea.

At the same time I feel blessed for being given the opportunity to mess up and having the choice of which path to take.

I have been blessed with a situation in which I can have schoolwork piled on and SAT work looming above my head.

Do I sometimes wish I could let someone else take my place? Yes, and I know there’s a line of people who wish they had what I have and that is when I tell myself to keep pushing.

I went to my mom the other day, on the verge of tears stressed out of my mind, and she told me, “think of this as a marathon. You’re at mile 16 and have run more than you have left to run, but if you stop now what do those 16 miles mean.”

That really put it in perspective for me.

I’m so close, but I still have 10 miles of the race.

I have a little more than a year before I am off to college, and who knows where that will be, but I have to set myself up to succeed right now.

There’s no waiting anymore.

My actions affect my future and potentially the future of others.

Who would have though a little chocolate could have inspired this, but it did.


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