The internet is full of inspirational videos. Sports videos, spiritual videos, just plain old inspirational videos, but there are few that touch me and make a big difference. Being that team sports have not always been a part of my life, but have recently come up and made an impact I look for something to keep me moving. Something that makes me want to play hard and something to inspire my teammates. A quote by Henry Ford is something I keep in my mind when the team is having a hard time, “Keeping together is progress, coming together is a beginning, and working together is success.” Sometimes our teams don’t work together, but work as individuals. That isn’t how the game is played. Some people have to be willing to work hard and get none of the glory. Being a lineman in football I understand this feeling very well. I go out everyday and I try and I try. Am I the best at it? No, not even close, but do I try? Yea, I try really hard day in and day out. But nobody ever says, “hey he really took up space so that that someone else could get the glory.” The glory goes to the people who run the ball, throw the ball, but that’s not possible without the people on the line. As our coach said, we are the Dirty Dogs. Nobody wants a dirty dog, but they are rough and tough, but get no glory. That is how to work as a team, everyone has to be willing to put in 110% and get nothing in return personally, but understand it was for the betterment of the team. This is one of the first speeches that truly inspired me to be better and do better.

Eric Thomas is a great inspirational speaker. This speech touched me to work hard everyday to achieve what I want. I moved on and listened to this before games sometimes. It sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it. Then when Madden 13 came out the opening sequence has a speech from Ray Lewis.

This speech relates more to playing football. I can relate to what is said in the speech. I listen to this while I am writing these words, and I have chills running through my whole body. Ray Lewis’s words touch me every time I listen to this. Every time I play the game I listen to the speech to motivate me, not to play the game but to be better at what I do and who I am. Whatever you can find to push you to be better, do that. Listen to a song, listen to speech, but before a game, get in the zone. All of these speeches are great, but something odd happened to me yesterday. I was watching a Kings game, as I usually do on weekday and weekend nights (all the time), but a commercial came on. At first I was just caught by the fact that this commercial had hockey and lacrosse, something no commercials, on the West Coast at least, usually have. Then I realized it was sending a message.
It talks about the first day. You never want to walk away from a game or practice thinking that there is something you could have done better. No matter who you are or where you, you never want to walk away thinking I could have tried harder or I could have done that better. Being the best you can be is how to get better. Every tryout counts, every practice counts. It all counts and it all adds up. I am pushing to be the best I can be, but I am guilty of this. I walk away from practices or games sometimes thinking that I could have done something better, but I’m working on it. I’m not the best I can be, but I can do better. We can all do better. I am going to share this message with the guys on my Lacrosse team tomorrow during practice, and then Saturday at our game. We need to be pushing forward to strive to be better. We need to put in more effort to be good. We will be good.


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