Message Received

The concept of recurring dreams are a message sent from you, to be received by you. The idea portrayed is one of importance, for it sticks in one’s subconscious and continues to swim to the surface for the dreamer to acknowledge.

Sometimes an innocent dream and sometimes a daunting nightmare, recurring dreams continue to come back until they reach the dreamer’s conscience and they become aware of the subliminal message.

The message is always one of high importance, and is often disturbing, for there is no way to get rid of it. The only known way is to fully understand the reason, as well as the cause behind the dream, and to make appropriate changes.

If the dream perpetuates, it tells that the cause for the dream is being continued. Although the circumstances might not be the same, the dream still indicates a recurring pattern in everyday life. The pattern is most likely caused by a strong emotion, such as stress, or sadness.

If one suffers a traumatic event, they will often have a recurring dream where they relive that event. Those dreams tend to be very detailed, and therefore quite scary. Even if it’s not a full length dream, it could have a plot relevant to the event, or with a similar theme.

Instead of a full dream, people sometimes have a recurring theme, or a recurring symbol. These symbols most likely relate to the dreamer’s everyday life, and the symbols are very relevant to oneself.

Although the dreams can occur as often as every week, or as far apart as once a year, the dream is attempting to portray the message nonetheless. If the dreamer acknowledges the reason for the dream and makes appropriate changes, it will discontinue the dream, and most importantly, the message will be received.

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