Although I chose to go to a boarding school, it’s still nice to get away on the weekends. I’m friends with day students, as well as dormers who live relatively close by, and on some weekends I get invited over to their houses.

Because weekends here are more confined than a standard weekend at home, it’s nice to get off campus and spend some time in the real world. Sometimes a few days packed with fun, and sometimes a few days spent relaxing, these weekends are much-needed, and very rejuvenating.

Living far away, it’s not possible for me to go home on the weekends. I miss all my friends, and aspects of where I live. In spite of not being able to experience home regularly, I have other places to make up for it. Having friends whose houses I am able to go to provides a homey environment, which is comforting.

Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

When so much time is spent in an environment so different from what I’m used to, it’s calming to enjoy a few days in a real house. All in all, weekends are a time to rest after a packed week, and, if possible, it’s nice to vary what happens.

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