Talentless Trump

Photo Credit: http://www.cnn.com

Watching the race for president this year has been painful. We have two especially… interesting candidates; Dr. Ben Carson, an extremely close-minded neurosurgeon, and Donald Trump, the crazy businessman.

Dr. Carson… where do I start?

His opinionated mentality continues to remain one sided as he plows through in the race. He has openly expressed his opinions on some of the most popular topics at the moment, which includes transgender and gay rights.

In reply to the suggestion that transgender men and women should be able to use the bathroom of their new sex, Dr. Carson said, “It is not fair for them to make everyone else uncomfortable,” which, as I would imagine, is frustrating to transgender men and women everywhere.

He suggested that there be a separate bathroom made for transgender people.

Yet again, history repeats itself.

The second candidate of the terrible two is Donald Trump.

I could write for hours about how ignorant he truly is, but instead I shall focus on the most recent issue he has struck the U.S. with: Starbucks cups.

Yes, Starbucks coffee cups.

In Trump’s opinion, Starbucks coffee cups should say “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.”


Is there only one holiday celebrated this winter? Nope, there are three major holidays celebrated in the U.S during the winter holidays; Kwanza, Christmas, and Hanukkah, NOT JUST CHRISTMAS.

Although my family celebrates Christmas, as I am assuming Trump’s does too, it is ridiculous to insist that there be one of these three holidays publicized by companies.

I am disappointed in how narrow-minded both of these Republican candidates are.

Good luck America!

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