Fashion Week is Coming

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Fashion Week is coming. Some may regard it as the best time of the year (I know I do). Luckily, the best time of the year actually comes two times a year, in fall and in spring.

When Fashion Week kicks off February 10th the clothes, models, designers, and fashion icons take over the streets of New York City.

They then move on to London, then Milan, with a grand finale in Paris. This beautiful madness lasts a month before the fashion editors race to choose their favorite looks, and decide which pieces will grace the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Fashion Week is also the habitat for new trends to form, new street style stars to be launched into the fashion-fame-stratosphere, and for new models to dominate catwalk, billboards, and magazines alike.

While this flurry of fashion may only last a month, it decides everything in fashion, until the next fashion week at least. Yes, it is the greatest time of year. 

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