a bittersweet sentiment

the time has come to say a short goodbye to some of my best friends- they’re graduating.

it’s not that we spend every minute of time together, because we don’t.

nor we do spend hours on end texting each other or sharing our deepest secrets, because we don’t do that either.

we don’t always all get along…

but we love each other, and that’s all i could ever ask for.

i always miss them when they’re gone

and i always look for them when they’re around.

i know it will be hard coming back to school without my friends, some of which, who i’ve had for the past five years

i know i’m not going to want to come back at all next year

and i know my school isn’t going to feel the same.

but, it’s selfish for me to say i don’t want them to go-

i know they’ll do great things

and i’m excited for their new friends to meet some of the most extraordinary people.

they’ll change the world and i’m glad i ever knew every single one of them.

they mean much more to me then they will ever know.

until we meet again, thank you for what you have taught me.

forever sisters. ❤

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