Locker Room Tiktoks

So basically after soccer practice the last couple of days; Eugene, Logan, Ben, and Emanuel have been making dumb TikToks. They’re pretty cool, we tried to post one where the camera followed Ben into the bathroom and he started dapping everyone up, except everyone was in weird spots, like Caleb was in the weird corner spot where everyone throws their smelly sh*t, Emanuel was on top of the lockers, I was in a stall barefoot and morgan was “peeing” with his pants at his ankles. Unfortunately, TikTok took it down for violating community guidelines, so the next day we did it again but morgan had his pants on. Anyway, u should follow TikTok the username is ‘lemmelineuupbud” there’s a bunch of videos on there one even has like 20,000 views.

What Is TikTok? - The Atlantic
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