What’s in My School Backpack Right Now

Okay, I admit it – I couldn’t think of any cool ideas this week. Here’s what’s in my school backpack at the moment.

JanSport Right Pack Backpack - Blue Dusk | Journeys
This is the backpack I have. It’s cute. I found it at Target like three days before school started because my old backpack was broken.


Computer and Charger

Technically the computer isn’t in my backpack (because I’m typing on it currently) but I packed it this morning so it counts. I have a either 2017 or 2018 (not sure) MacBook Air and it’s covered in stickers. My charger is also in my backpack. It’s the old kind that attaches magnetically and it’s kinda wide.

About Mac power adapters - Apple Support

My Main Binder

I always have my main binder in my backpack because I keep most of my papers in there. I have dividers for each subject and an extra for my English essays. The binder is green and it’s like 2 inches thick I think.

My Spanish Binder

I have a separate binder for Spanish because my teacher requires it. It’s purple and an inch and a half thick.

My Subject Notebooks

The academic classes I have today are journalism, math, and Spanish. I also have my chemistry notebook because I’m gonna do the homework during my study hall. My journalism notebook is purple, my math one is orange, my Spanish one is blue, and my chemistry one is yellow. I’m aware that my color choices might be controversial. Honestly, I just randomly assigned the colors at the beginning of the year. I kinda regret that choice now, but I deal with it.

My Pencil Pouch

My beloved pencil pouch has seen all of high school with me. One of my mom’s friends gave it to me in eighth grade. I keep a phone charger, hand lotion, chapstick, pencil lead, a fidget toy that’s a stick with glitter in it, a bit of trash, a Sharpie, an eraser, several black pens, lots of colored pens, a few highlighters, and my one favorite mechanical pencil in it. It’s pretty nifty.

My Glasses

I have reading glasses that are blue-light blockers. The frames are dark blue and white. They’re RayBan.

Ray-Ban RX 7185 8084
These are them ^

Glasses Cleaner

This is self-explanatory.

My Hero Academia Manga – Volume 7 and 24

I always bring some manga with me if I know I have a free block or study hall and don’t have a ton of work to do. I’m working on volumes 7 and 24 right now. I have about 11 My Hero Academia manga and these are the last two I haven’t finished yet. I’m looking forward to getting more manga for Christmas.

Amazon.com: My Hero Academia, Vol. 7 (7): 9781421590400: Horikoshi, Kohei:  Books
VIZ MEDIA-My Hero Academia Vol 24 Manga | Newbury Comics

My Calculator

My trusty TI-84 Plus CE always stays in my backpack. I’ve had it since last year. It’s the rose gold edition.

Brand new ti-84 rose gold | Texas brand, Rose gold, Graphing
Here’s a random picture I found of the same kind of calculator I have.


I have tissues in my backpack because you never know what could go down at school. By that I mean getting a nosebleed or having a bad allergy day.

Some Candy That’s Literally Over Two Months Old

I’m not kidding. I have several packs of M&Ms from the first day of school when all the students got candy thrown at them. I wonder if they’re still intact or if they’ve melted and re-solidified too many times for them to be recognizable.

Some #2 Non-Mechanical Pencils

You never know if you’ll completely forget that you have a huge standardized test, so I have some #2 non-mechanical pencils just in case. I’m always ready to take a PSAT.

A Dinosaur Pop It

He’s a T-Rex and he’s rainbow colored. I got him in France over the summer for like €5. Pretty good deal. He’s very precious to me.

My Rescue Inhaler

I have asthma so I carry a rescue inhaler with me just in case. It’s the blue kind.

A Little Bag of Crystals

Gotta keep the vibes good.

My Afternoon Medication

I take the quick release for my ADHD meds around 2pm. I keep the pill in a little pill holder I got in Barcelona. It has a Gaudí lizard on it.

An Extra Mask

Just in case.

My AirPods

So I don’t get bored during my free block or have to be the person listening to the assignment out loud. They have a turquoise case.

A Cliff Bar

I get hungry sometimes. I like the original chocolate chip kind.

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bar - 1ct : Target

A Pair of Earrings – I Was Wondering Where Those Were

While checking my backpack to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I found my India agate crystal earrings. I haven’t seen those for a few weeks now. Glad I know where they are now.

Indian Agate Point | Etsy
They’re shaped like this except they’re earrings and they’re dark green.


Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into the chaos I call the organization. Maybe I’ll have a more creative idea for next week’s post.

Allow me to put you on.

This is just a compiled list of stuff I have liked or thought is cool recently


It is most definitely vest season. Recently, I have been waking up in the morning to an extremely damp 55 degrees, enduring 85-degree highs on the hill, then returning home to frigid cold. Ventura County can’t decide if it’s winter or summer, still clinging on to aspects of summer while embracing parts of winter. I guess it’s fall but I like my longwinded description better.

Anyways, I’ve been super hyped on vests recently, specifically this Stussy Sherpa Vest:

Striped Sherpa Vest - Fleece Outerwear | Stüssy

Mine is purple and green. It’s sick.

I like to wear it with shorts, a white tee, and my Birkenstock Bostons (which we will touch on later), but it can also be worn with jeans and a tee-shirt or literally anything. That’s the beauty of the vest.

Birkenstock Boston’s:

The most comfortable foot experience ever.

If you’ve been on the hill in the past month you may have noticed I have worn clogs every day for 2 months now and it’s safe to say there is no going back. I used to be really into sneakers, but recently, I find myself picking birks over every other shoe.

In my current period of grinding college applications and AP class homework into the midnight hours, I care far less about my appearance in the morning: as long as I apply the stick of Old Spice Fiji floating around my truck before being around my peers, I’m valid. That’s not to say these shoes don’t look great with most outfits, I just have been putting less thought into outfits and my tan Birk clogs are perfect for that. They are also great for slipping into after hours of cramming my feet into soccer cleats for 2 hours or for skipping down chicken trail.

They are just the best

Boston Suede Leather | shop online at BIRKENSTOCK
PC: Birkenstock

The Top Gear Radio Special:

Top Gear is my favorite show of all time. I was not a car guy when I got into it and still wouldn’t categorize myself as one, but there is just something about the humor, wit, and gab Clarkson, May, and Hammond have that makes me keep coming back. This is a radio segment from when the guys took over a random BBC station outside of London in 2006. The old news and hilarious traffic advice make this a must-listen. I play it in the car on my way to and from school periodically, and I really enjoy it. You don’t have to like cars. You don’t have to like Brits. Just listen. Trust me.

VC: Top Gear (posted by freshrigi)

Anyways, I might make this a recurring thing. Consider yourself