Here’s to Strong Women

She’s strong, she’s talented, she’s smart. My friend is headed towards great things.

Soon we’ll be in college, I know I won’t be going to the same school as her anymore, but I know I’ll never forget her.

You know someone is extraordinary when they have so many amazing goals that they don’t know what to pursue.

Sometimes I think, what will she be doing in four years?

Will she be a influential member in race and resistance studies, standing up to oppression and persecution?

Will she be a rising scholar in gender and feminism studies, striving to create a more equal world?

Will she be a social justice worker?

Will she be a photo journalist, not only using her power with words to inspire, but her talent with captured memories, also?

Will she be filmmaker and editor, creating barrier-breaking and revolutionary films?

Will she be a gender sexuality savant, fighting for the LGBTQ+ community?

Will she be a sociologist, endeavoring  to generate social polyphony?

Will she be a lawyer fighting for human rights?

I don’t think she’s just going to chose one of these. I think she’s going to do all of them, because if she sets her mind to something, there’s no stopping her.

I know sometimes you get nervous. You wonder how you’ll accomplish everything you hope to. You occasionally struggle to understand your identity, what path to take. You get down some times. You make wrong decisions and question your worth.

I know you are strong, but I know we all have our doubts and struggles. But never forget, I’m here for you. I’m rooting for you. I love you.

You are an inspiration, an amazing friend, and you are going to make such a big difference in the world.

Never forget your goals, for I know, you can and you will achieve them all.

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All Time High

Last night, I finally got to see one of my favorite bands with one of my favorite people.

All day, we were really lucky. The second we left the house, it stopped raining. We got to the venue and found that only five people were waiting in line. We had enough time to walk around the neighborhood, trying to find band members wandering around before the show (we didn’t find anyone; but we ended up having the best pizza ever, which is just as exciting). When we got back to get in line, still only very few people were in line in front of us and we were actually able to claim a spot by the barricade.

The event we went to was called Emo Nite Day. Eight artists performed, one band better than the rest. As you can probably tell by the name of the event, I have never seen more emos in one room. Crowdsurfing, nearly moshing in the pit, belting along to My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco anthems; everyone was having the time of their lives.

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We went through five hours of (amazing) concerts, before the band that we came for came on: All Time Low. I had never seen them live, but my friend has seen them many times already. But, this time was special, even for her, I think. It was our first concert together.

Every second was magical, I’m serious. They were so energetic, so ready, so good, and we were so close to them. Their setlist was shorter than usual, but they played most of my favorite songs and I was in heaven for an hour straight.

I haven’t seen many bands in my life, but All Time Low really had one of the best performances I have ever witnessed. Not even kidding.

Surprisingly, the well known post-concert depression hasn’t hit me yet. Today, I am only left with a bruise on my stomach from being pressed against the barricade, a ringing in my ears, and nothing but happy thoughts.

Street Art Revolution

I have always loved art, but not so much in a gallery, while I appreciate it, what really gets me happy is street art.

Street art is one of those things that you always have to appreciate.

I’m not saying all the ugly gang tags on the side of a bridge, but when you see something that someone has taken time to do, and invested more than just money into you have to stop and think about it.

Street art is an ever growing movement.

When people see actual street art and call it graffiti, it actually isn’t correct.

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Best American Idol, EVER.

I have always loved American Idol. Maybe it’s just because I personally love to sing, but I find it to be one of the best reality television shows.

I haven’t had a chance to follow it this season, but last season I was so excited when Scotty McCreery won. He was by far my favorite. There were a lot of good contestants and have been so many amazing singers and performers throughout the history of the show.

But, it it not so much the show itself that I like, but the auditions. So many of them are just downright hilarious, and there are those select few that are just plain amazing.

Bored on Youtube the other day, I decided to watch the American Idol auditions from the 2012 season, and came across quite a few amazing singers. But one that stood out to me the most was named Reis Kloeckener, a young 16 year old from Missouri. I didn’t know what to expect, but when he started singing, I could hardly believe it.

In his official audition, he sang the song “Lean on Me

He also has other covers, my favorite being “Sunday Morning“, originally by Maroon 5.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this kid is going to be very famous one day. He is truly amazing!

Dear Dad


Words can’t begin to describe what you mean to me.

I don’t know what it is

about your voice.

maybe because the years

turned it so frail

and shaky.

Your hearty laugh

that one, so contagious

I don’t hear it as much.

But when I do,

words can’t describe how it makes me feel.

Dear Daddy,

Today, you told me

you were proud of me

and I knew you were speaking the truth 

because you are such an honest man.

It made me feel so good

when you told me that you knew

I’d get far

because of my heart and determination (I get it from you, you know).


you know how you tell me 

that the happiest moments 

are with me eating?

You’ve always loved watching me eat…

I’ll never forget that 아빠.

아빠, you are an amazing man.

You are honest and kind,

selfless and hardworking.

You gave up so much for me

You fought for me 

and you rarely ever, ever told a lie

아빠, God truly blessed me

with you 

and someday dad,

I’m going to marry somebody just like you.

You are the greatest man in my life

The only one that looks into my heart & truly understand

The one to see me as I was

You believed in me always

You loved me always, through it all…

I’m so sorry I wasn’t better

but I’ll be my best from now

You taught me so much

But the greatest lesson you’ve ever taught me was

how to love.

Thank you daddy.

Words can’t describe what you mean to me.

You’re the best

and you deserve all you want.

I love you 아빠.

Stay healthy and be always happy. 

Coca Cola!

I have always been and always will be a Coke fan. It is in my opinion a thousand times better than Pepsi, not only in taste but also in marketing and the company all around.

Coca Cola is the main sponsor for the Olympic Game, as well as a world wide known brand. Coca Cola is a brand that is known to put a smile on some one face.

Coke has always had some of the greatest banners and adds to represent their product. The older ones are amazing, and they show us that coke has been around for quite a while. As well as their christmas adds.

The bottles have changed quite a bit since the 1899, and to be honest I wish they looked the way they used to look.

Something awesome that I found was that Coke used to have Coca Cola coupons that entitled you to a free glass of Coke! that is so cool, its too bad that some things have changed.

For some, Coca Cola has been a part of their lives for the entire duration and for others it has never been introduced, but when it is introduced it is known to be loved.

So Im definitely a Coke guy. What are you?

Nutella Vs. Peanut butter

nutella vs PB

I like peanut butter but I LOVE Nutella. I’ve always been a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; they are good and you can never go wrong with a PB&J. Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, yikes. But see, Nutella is delicious, sure there is some things much like peanut butter that could be harmful to some but it’s just so good that even those who don’t like it actually really do.

Its taste is AMAZING, and there is so many tasty ways to eat it.

Nutella with bread, Nutella crepes, Nutella croissants, Nutella with strawberries, Nutella with bananas and MANY MORE!!!!

I really want to know what everyone’s thoughts are on this subject, even if you feel it’s a stupid one

I think Nutella wins, what do you think?