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What’s Next?

Throughout the past hundred years, a multitude of advancements has been made by man kind. We have iPhones, cars, super thin laptops, and jumbo jets that can fly 400 passengers across the Atlantic in ten hours. Self-driving cars and hover … Continue reading

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Dirty Feet Blues

I want to live a life with permanently dirty feet. The assertion that one is obligated to be confined in shoes, at a job, where you sit in the same spot, and do the same thing everyday. When I was … Continue reading

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Bird Boy

Introduction: The year is 4041. Earth was dying. The only things besides humans were birds. Then, earth made contact with another planet who invited them to come live with them. All humans fled Earth to live on this new planet. All … Continue reading

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Why even spin?

Rock green-blue floats in the sky. Does it spin for nothing; or keeps hope alive? When a speck breathes; whom decides to care? When a speck dies; is he really there? Fighting for rocks to power great things. Is it … Continue reading

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We came from darkness In a flash, the universe was created Molten rock, frozen metal and fiery space dust crashed and collided across the galaxy  Stars were born from clouds of gas, nebulae The sun exploded in the vast blackness … Continue reading

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Water, our great fear

Water, without it we have no life. It covers are planet in an eternal blue dye. Whether ice or steam it will always be here. Water, without it, we would have great fear. Fear that our planet will be devoid … Continue reading

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Plague Inc.-Fun but Deadly!

While reviewing my most recent blog, I came to the mindset that maybe I should write something that’s got nothing to do with sports! I know you’re all surprised but this is pretty cool. I recently downloaded a new app … Continue reading

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