Bird Boy

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Introduction: The year is 4041. Earth was dying. The only things besides humans were birds. Then, earth made contact with another planet who invited them to come live with them. All humans fled Earth to live on this new planet. All except one infant boy who was left behind. When the humans left, the friendly aliens restored Earth, bringing back all the trees and flowers. Earth was back to normal, like humans had never been there. Sadly, the aliens couldn’t bring back the animals. The boy is raised by birds and this is his story.

“Baka baka” said the boy. His calls were sad and poorly pronounced. “Baka baka” he said again while sitting on the ground. He was left behind for the winter, and not even the mama bird would stay with him. He was an outcast – he couldn’t fly. The five-year-old boy now crawled around the world, never knowing about walking, he searches for a teacher or a friend. Everywhere he goes sees birds and hears birds, but they will never come and play.

The boy is sad, because whenever he says his call there will be no sounds. The air, filled with birds, is silent like he is all alone. Then, a few minutes later there will be anything but silence – birds would start chirping and singing again. Sometimes, the boy would wonder why he can’t fly, or why he doesn’t have feathers. But he didn’t wonder long. He was easily distracted.

Years went on. The five-year-old boy is now 35, and no longer calls for the other birds. He just crawls with his head down, never looking at the sky, because it saddens him. As he was crawling, he hit his head on a tree. He was hurt, and by instinct yelled “Baka baka”. The skies were silent, until a female bird landed right next to him. The bird looked similar to him. She was tall and featherless. The only difference was she could fly. “Baka?” she said. “Ba baka” he responded. She wanted to know why he was on the ground. He said he didn’t know how to fly.

Suddenly the female bird pick up the man and said “Baka ba,” which meant believe. She let go. He flaps his arms, and is about to hit the ground, when suddenly, he starts floating elegantly into the sky. Boom! A loud, unfamiliar sound was in the sky. It was a shot, and it had hit the man. He fell from the sky to his death. The female bird landed, and turned from what looked like a human to the aliens, and said: “Bird Boy test successful. How is the Fish Boy doing?”  shortly after there was a response “Fish Boy is doing well, he can go weeks now without air.” The alien that taught the man to fly said: “Take them to the ship. We need to run more tests. We need to figure out why they can convince themselves to do the impossible.”