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It’s Almost Over

I can almost see the finish line We are so close to summer, the only thing in the way is…finals. *hiss* Now I am sure that you are sick and tired of hearing high schoolers complain about how long the … Continue reading

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Bird Boy

Introduction: The year is 4041. Earth was dying. The only things besides humans were birds. Then, earth made contact with another planet who invited them to come live with them. All humans fled Earth to live on this new planet. All … Continue reading

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O Swell

O gee willikers mister. Today on the magic yellow dragon with wheels I had the privilege of traveling to lower. It was so nar. As I jumped in the clean pool the water greeted me with a warm embrace. It … Continue reading

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What exists?

Up and down, why,why,why? Why move forward to touch the sky? Can good be good, if bad isn’t bad? What leads one to become mad? Down the rabbit hole and through the suck. Must one always travel through the muck. … Continue reading

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Pay the Way

Warriors fight and die for a nation. Never questioning the validity of their cause. They act selflessly asking and receiving very little in return. They die in the deserts, thousands of miles away from their homes. Enduring unimaginable physical and … Continue reading

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The Native Americans Plight

The Native Americans who stood on long held land, were once asked to leave. The Native Americans, aghast at the Europeans request politely refused. It was their right to refuse. However their greatest mistake was to trust the Europeans word. … Continue reading

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A Bird flies in the sky Why it does, it knows not why. The Fish swims in the ocean depth A creature on land it has not met. A Snake is doomed to slither the jungle floor Why doesn’t it … Continue reading

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