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Cloudy skies

“You know, sometimes I just wanna stay like this forever. Just here, laying with you.” I look over to Will, right next to me on our school’s soccer field. “Yeah, I like how the stars shine through the clouds.” There … Continue reading

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I can’t believe you’re still here. I thought I chased you away that day when everything went black and blue, that day when the soulless bloodhounds killed for me, crawling around my heels, with your blood dripping from their mouths … Continue reading

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Let Them In

This is an apology for all… The funny whose jokes are overshadowed by sadness. The family-oriented who can’t see their nephew graduate. The misunderstood who can’t show their legitimate beliefs. The innocent who are painted as violent, unjust, or villainous. The … Continue reading

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Cry Me a River, Or Don’t

I don’t cry often, or at least not as much as people assume I do. Before I turned nine, my tears had no depth. I would cry because I couldn’t get the Barbie I wanted, or because I wasn’t allowed … Continue reading

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Awkward. Physical. Contact.

Otherwise known as hugs. Or even worse prolonged hugs. Almost everyone I know is in love with this activity. They say to me: “It’s a great way to display love.” “It’s a way of showing you care.” “It’s a way … Continue reading

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Happiness. You are defined by what makes you happy But what happens if you aren’t happy? What happens when the things around you seem to become dark and grey? What about when your life gets flipped upside down and all … Continue reading

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growing up

I used to fear the monster under my bed, now I fear the monster that lives within. I used to think that a scratched knee would be the worst pain I ever felt, now I know that the pain that doesn’t … Continue reading

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