Public Embarrassment

I recently became my school’s varsity soccer goalie and was super excited for my first game. 5 minutes in, I got shat on. The other team’s striker shot a huge floater from outside the box. I saw the ball coming and thought I could get to it with ease. As I saw the ball floating in, I sheepishly backed up letting the ball hit the net above my head.

What a bummer.

I needed to have a good performance to guarantee the starting job and that is NOT what that accomplished.

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The helpless feeling of the ball floating over my head. The swish sound of the ball hitting the net. The collective sigh of our fans and players. I heard and felt it all. I punted the ball out of the net disgusted with myself. Heading back to the bench I put on a show, slamming my gloves into the ground, taking off my shirt, throwing my shin pads. I could feel the judgment from players who were complacent in the goal and wanted to tell them to chill out, in fact, when one teammate gave me a glare and said something to me I just said “please shut up”.

Anyway, I have a game today and am hoping for better performance.


Sometimes I just contemplate random stuff.

It is hard to explain it in words, but it is like reflection time, thinking about

how unplanned and pathetic my life is. 

I pretend unconsciously that I’m doing well, but in fact, I know something’s not right.

I need to get my life together. I need to be more organized and planned.

I’m in a rush.

I will levitate from bottom to top again.

I need strong motivation.

I will try my best.

I will be the most successful one in my family.

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What exists?


Up and down, why,why,why?

Why move forward to touch the sky?

Can good be good, if bad isn’t bad?

What leads one to become mad?

Down the rabbit hole and through the suck.

Must one always travel through the muck.

Red,blue,black and white.

When the sun goes down why is it night?

Pain and pleasure always mixed.

Is the dying junking not entitled to his fix?

Left for dead, his loved ones gone.

He thinks where he went wrong.

Whom is to say if he failed?

Life is such a tough sale.

Coursing through the hate and love.

He prays for a better life above.

The Apple Pie that could?


One day the woman made a pie. Not just any pie but an apple pie. The pie was quite happy how his life had turned out. Although he had not yet been baked he was filled with the most delicious apples in all the land.His crust was made from the finest dough.

The woman walked out of the room forgetting the pie had not been baked. He screamed, “bake me!”  No one seemed to care. What to do? he thought. He knew what must be done.  He dragged himself closer and closer to the edge of the counter wishing to slide into the oven.

The pie, halfway off the counter, hesitated, wondering if he should go over the edge. He thought he could make it so he jumped and completely missed the oven.  Instead, falling top-down onto the kitchen the floor. The woman, hearing the sound, screamed, “the pie is ruined!” She grabbed the pie.

The pie thought himself safe. She opened the trash and that’s when the pie realized he was finished. The lid shut on the pie.  He now would live in despair for the remainder of his life. The pie was the apple pie that could not.

Round 3: Driving Disaster.

Stalling a car five times in a row is not cool.

Driving past the Topa Topa Ranch for the fourth time I was confident that I had successfully perfected the route.

The gears, stops, and keeping on the road were all finicky mistakes that needed changing but I was sure that this was the time that I would prove myself as the brilliant driver I was destined to be. I was wrong.

Cruising up to the stop sign I efficiently switched into second gear and began to slow. Greeting the white line I stopped perfectly.

Slowly I took my foot of the clutch pushing my right foot onto the gas. Stall.

Peering around it seemed that a once derelict crossroads had transformed into a now raging road (otherwise known as a death zone).

Ok you can do this Georgie. I turned off the ignition and once again go through the simultaneous steps to start the car. Edging my foot off the clutch I get ready to go. Stall.

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