optimistic and curious

I am optimistic and curious

I wonder how this world works

I hear raindrops dancing on the roof

I see the lightning hiding behind mountains

I taste the sky covered with dark clouds

I smell the wild wind blowing over

I want to fly under the sunshine

I am optimistic and curious

I pretend we have good weather today

I believe tomorrow will be better

I feel unicorns do exist

I touch the clouds with my fingers

I worry I can’t do it alone

I cry for my melted ice cream

I laugh when others cry for their melted ice cream

I am optimistic and curious

I understand sometimes life can be hard

I say everything will be fine

I dream that peace will be around us all the time

I try thinking about nothing

I hope I can change the world once upon a time

I am optimistic and curious

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Respect My Existence, Expect My Resistance.

It’s so sad that we live in time where we have to march for facts.

 Our democracy, planet, and justice are being eroded away.

Why are women’s bodies more regulated than guns?

Women’s rights are human rights.

Why are we destroying the one and only place we have to live?

There is no planet B.

How come people are persecuted and judged by their beliefs, place of origin, and skin color?

We are all immigrants. 

Why do people who are black have to constantly fear being arrested even if they are innocent?

Black lives matter.

Why can’t people love who they want?

How come six in ten LGBT+ students report feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation?

People can love who they want.

How come one out of six women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime? How come women are paid less than men?

Pay me more, touch me less.

It’s time to ditch Putin’s bitch and stand up for what’s right.

Our democracy, planet, and justice are being eroded away, and we must stop this. 

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If I could go back in time

One thing comes to mind when the subject of time travel is brought up, regret. If anyone was to ever go back in time, I guarantee they would change something. After all, every one regrets something.

Everyone wishes the world was different. Many people wonder how they could change the world if they could go back in time. “I would stop Hitler from rising to power,” is perhaps the most common one.

I wonder if people in the future would think about going back in time to the present and changing the way it is right now. I wonder if anyone would look at our world and say, “I wish I could go back and change it all, stop the wars and feed the ones in need. I would make it right and provide work for the poor and stop corruption.”

Let’s not regret our present and do what we can now to make our world better.

A Blackened Journey


A man covered in soot walks into the desert.

He goes there, not to stain the desert with his blackness.

But to make peace between a fox and a snake.

A leader angry and dejected receives the blackened man.

Do the talks go well?

Yes the man and a leader walk arm and arm.

Their cooperation brings a sense of security to the desert.

Not all are happy however.

The snake bites repeatedly stabbing the man with his fang.

The leader and the blackened man do not care.

They part ways but remember each other.

Both will never forget what they promised.

The Eagle takes the Desert


The desert was once a peaceful place.

Dangers that existed were simply sand and time.

The Eagle however was not happy.

Collision and building of a great city shook the eagle.

Thus to take vengeance he flew to the desert.

The desert’s people could do little against the Eagle.

Although their leader was wrong he did not deserve an attack.

Those under the Eagle speak of why the desert was attacked.

The true reason lies in nourishment.

Nourishment of body.

Nourishment of machine.

Nourishment of the world.

The Eagle shatters the quietness of the desert.

Victory comes swiftly as the Eagle steals the life of the desert.




Only the buzz of a the car rolling on the freeway.

Above her head, black expanse broken by the single, flickering light of a plane.

That was the first time she ever truly wished she could run, escape. Get out of this stuffy car. Away from all of the stress and pressure. To find Some reprieve, Some momentary peace, Somewhere far away.

If only she could be on that plane that was slowly crossing the night sky. If only she could switch lives with the driver that drove parallel to the car she was in. If she could leave…if. If.

Oh, and how she wanted to SCREAM. It seemed sometimes that was the only way to keep her sanity. To scream. But she could not.

She couldn’t bear telling her father, who was sitting behind the wheel. No, that would break his heart. He didn’t need to know. Nobody needs to know.

So, muffled, in her thoughts, she was screaming. Her eyes silently staring ahead.

Miles to go until she got to her destination.

And miles to go until she could start living her life like she wants to.

The World (as we know it) is Coming to an End [[Pt. 1]]

It’s very hard not to get sad when thinking about the world and how horrible a place it can be. It’s very hard to remember the other lives that are being abused today, when my life is so easy. It’s very hard when you know you can’t fix these problems that plague society. It makes my blood boil.

Right now, people are living in fear. In fear of their government, in fear of their people, in fear of disease, in fear of something.

Burma, Southeast Asia, 2007.

Monks are holy and sacred figures, the symbols of peace and humanity in Burma. They are religious leaders who focus on the tranquility of life and don’t involve themselves in politics, that is, until the summer of 2007.

The political standing of Burma is corrupt, savage, and inhumane to put it lightly. The government, an organization of people meant to protect the welfare of their fellow Burmese, has caged their people and censored the news. Their goal was to disband people, to prevent civilians from joining together because two people are stronger than one, and 100 people are stronger than 10. Nobody speaks in fear of being taken by undercover government officials. Their voices aren’t heard. The people are mute. The people are afraid. The people are waiting for an answer, for a solution.

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