Here We Go Again!

Well, this sucks. The Eagles, once again, are underachieving. Despite the firing of ex-defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, the Eagles have once again fallen far from expectations. The team just doesn’t look solid, and we are close to the halfway point.

One major red flag was this past weekend. The Eagles, with Andy Reid as head coach, have never lost a game following their bye week. This year was a different story. The team looked even sloppier following their bye, almost as if they hadn’t put in any extra work to help their cause.

I don’t blame this recent loss on Michael Vick. I blame this one on coaching and defense. I do not blame new DC Todd Bowles. He was given two weeks to turn a lackluster unit and completely transform them. That’s a tall task considering how much star power the defense has.

Let’s go down the list.

Jason Babin has been horrendous. He hasn’t been able to get to the quarterback at all this season. He’s far behind his 18.5 sack mark from last year.

The other defensive end, Trent Cole, hasn’t had any success either. However, if both pieces can improve, the entire defense will improve as well.

I now turn the attention to one of the most incredible busts (although still somewhat too soon to tell) I think I’ve ever seen.

I’m sorry to say, but given the amount of money and hope sunk into his production as a player, Nnamdi Asomugha has been the biggest mistake of the past two seasons.

Ya, that’s right, cry about it.

During his final three seasons in Oakland, Nnamdi allowed only one touchdown. This season alone, Nnamdi has allowed four. The most recent was a score by Julio Jones, where Nnamdi found himself out of position once again. Raider Nnamdi>Eagle Nnamdi. It’s as simple as that.

Three bright spots for the Birds, however, are running back LeSean McCoy, middle linebacker, DeMeco Ryans and the corner opposite Nnamdi, Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie.

Last year was a breakout season for Shady McCoy. He’s picked up where he left off this year. Yes, his production is down and he’s dropped the ball a couple of times. He has no offensive line and the exchanges have been terrible to say the least. He barely has enough time to get the ball, let alone run with it.

Ryans is great. There’s not much more that can be said. Is he a Pro Bowler? No. Is he an All Pro? No. But I strongly believe that he is at least a top 10 middle linebacker in the NFL. He’s done well stopping the run, and has proved that his injuries are far behind him.

DRC has impressed me this season. He’s got three interceptions, including one against the Steelers, where Big Ben has only thrown three all season. He’s been in position and has shown he knows how to use the speed that he has. This guy is incredibly fast. My one major issue with DRC is his amount of penalties. He’s gotta stop with the pass interference calls and the holding calls. There’s no need to hand the opposition free yardage.

The Eagles suck after starting 3-4, but this time we kinda know what’s going wrong. By season’s end, expect a new era of Eagles football to take the stage. Reid will be gone and so probably will Vick, leaving the door open for NICK FOLES!!!!

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