Senseless Violence

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Quite frankly, when I thought about writing a post on the ISIS attacks over this past weekend I was afraid. Yes, I was afraid of speaking my mind about ISIS, in fear of ISIS. But, as I mulled over this I realized how wrong it was for me to be scared to voice my opinions because of a group who threatens many others for speaking theirs. So, I am writing this blog post because I will not let a terrorist group stop me from speaking my mind, because that’s what they want me and many others to do. ISIS staged an attack on Paris, but not only them, Paris is just ISIS’ most recent victim. ISIS also attacked Egypt and Beirut only weeks ago. And for what? Because they don’t agree with the way they live? Because traditions and norms that are shared throughout the US, UK, France, and more don’t coincide with how the members of ISIS choose to live? Is that why countless people have been killed, and not just by ISIS, in terrorist attacks? I could keep guessing the reasons, but honestly I don’t know.  And it gets even more twisted when I, personally, even try to conceive or understand how someone could kill innocent people, and for what I ask again? And though this post is surmised mostly of questions, that is all I have in this situation. Because it’s something that isn’t understandable. This isn’t a hard math problem, or a trick question that you finally understand after an explanation from the teacher; this is real life. Real, twisted life. And when one tries to explain a situation like this, only more questions arise. I mourn for all of the people who lost their lives, and I am deeply saddened. But I will not let these type of people deter me from living my life the way I want. And I will not live my life in constant fear that this will happen to me, and neither should anyone else.

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