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If you haven’t read Isis Crisis (part one) you probably should right now.

This week’s attacks on Paris have left me stunned beyond all belief. I cannot believe that ISIS has progressed to the point of being able to get bombs into supposedly relatively high security countries.

I can fathom how it is that these terrorists are able to commit these acts, but one though ticks me to the point of obsession; WHY is it ISIS commits these attacks.

How is it that people get so desperate that they result to killing others as a measure of success?

As I sit here writing this blog, I attempt to wrap my mind around the thought-process of an ISIS terrorist.

As terrible as it is, I want to know why people are driven to commit these acts of violence.

Is it religion? Resources? Simply the way this group of people was raised?

Hilary Clinton offered a very well-explained option as a next step in the fight against ISIS; more allied plans, more airstrikes, and a “broader target set”.

This seems to be the most logical idea that has been expressed, and I hope she is taken seriously, because it’s time we start shutting this down.


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