Chaos Agent

There is one consistent detail that stands out to me about adults and that is their firm beliefs in themselves, their ambitions, and their character. I simply couldn’t look back at my memories and say something that I’ve been passionate about my whole life, or even my favorite food, I lack defining moments in my life that give me secure knowledge of what matters to me. I used to wonder why I didn’t feel I had these meaningful moments in life until I realized I was a bitch. I didn’t have any important moments in my life because I didn’t make any. I was too scared of being reprimanded by authority, or just having people misunderstand or be disappointed in me. I’ve realized that in the soup of life, sometimes you need to stir the pot to mix in the seasoning. I am ready to be mischievous, devious, or even dubious, anything to stir this pot. I’m still a child aren’t I, I feel it is my human right to cause a little havoc. I deserve to be asked “Do you know Tyler Durden?”

Leadership Tip of the Week: Managing Chaos | Lead Read Today | Lead Read  Today


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