Let me be your beacon,

let me be your guiding light.

I know you’re scared, tired, and broken,

but I’m here to hold you tight.

I know you hide your fears from me,

you get ashamed when you let them show,

but babe,

I’ve cried in your arms many times,

so please just let me know

what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours,

your wicked, twisted, brain

filled with lies and awful times,

but babe let me be your change.

I just want to love you,

you’ve been through so god damn much,

your beautiful soul deserves the world you know,

I wish you thought the same.

I’m sorry for everyone who hurt you,

you’re scared to let me in because you fear I’ll do the same.

Everyone you’ve loved has done you wrong,

but darling I’m not the same.

So let me be your beacon,

let me be your guiding light.

I know you’re scared, tired, and broken,

but I’m here to hold you tight.

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Soul Knight

Sometimes, it is good to waste some time on endless video games.

They can be a stress-free comfort zone, a place to escape far away from reality.

The game I’ve been playing recently is called “Soul knight.” it is a Run-and-Gun shooter game, and it allows multiple players under the same wifi connection to play together.

It takes up 10-30 minutes to finish one single game. Each game has 3 levels of the dungeon, each level has 5 small sub levels, and the deeper of the dungeon means more difficult to complete. By the end of each level, there is a boss which is a more powerful and aggressive monster you need to beat.

This is the game you have always wanted in your subconscious. Explore the dungeon, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot ‘em all up! Extremely easy and intuitive control; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements.

photo credit: levelwinner.com

Fallout 4

Photo credit to gamespot.com

Nerds from all over the world have been prepping, stockpiling food and water. Parents are spending their final meals with their kids, girlfriends, and wives are spending their final moments with their significant other.

It’s just a few more days until bedroom doors seal shut and it will be months before they resurface. The long-awaited sequel to Bethesda’s award-winning Fallout series will come out November 10th.

The release will be crippling social lives everywhere. Gamers will enter their bedrooms, seal their door shut, and play. Fallout 4 was announced less than one year ago; it was a great surprise when it was announced to come out so soon.

Fallout 4 will take place in Boston, 200 years after a nuclear war turned the world into a wasteland. The player will create a custom character who they play for the entire game. The character emerges from Vault 111, a fallout shelter made by Vault Tec during the war, as the sole survivor.

Bethesda decided to let the player figure out what happened after release rather than spoil major parts of the plot. After leaving the vault, the player now has to decide what to do. The game is entirely open world, meaning the game is not forcing players to follow a certain path.

The player can go build a home or even a town. They can join guilds like the Commonwealth Minutemen, pursue the main story, make power armor to defend against the mutant and savages in the wasteland, and upgrade their arsenal. The options are endless and that’s what makes Bethesda and their games so unique.

The game uses a perk system called S.P.E.C.I.A.L. which represents the character traits strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck. With high charisma, the player can literally talk their way out of anything; it also helps when leading a town. Endurance is essential for the true wastelanders, as it makes the player capable of taking a lot of damage.

It can get to the point where bullets don’t even hurt. The biggest use of endurance is radiation tolerance, eating irradiated food results in high medical bills or death. With an iron stomach, there is no need for doctors because the irradiated food doesn’t make the player sick.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is so unique because the player has to decide where to put their 21 points at the beginning and this determines the abilities the players can unlock throughout the entire game. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is similar to real life in the sense that if someone is low in intelligence and high in other areas, like strength and agility.

The dialogue option will be very basic and it will take longer conversations to learn something. Low intelligence can result in stupid dialogue options; sometimes the only option will be to ask “what”. The perk system plays out in the game world which has been seen in previous Fallout games but not even close to the same level.

The games Bethesda develops maintain endless “replayability.” Skyrim is another one of Bethesda’s biggest hits. Skyrim came out in 2011, but it’s still my all-time favorite game, and no game since has been able to meet the depth and level that this game has reached. Bethesda is a rare gem in the gaming industry.

They put quality above profit, and they spend years making games when most games are made in less than one. Oddly enough, quality games profit. Fallout 4 will be Bethesda’s first single-player game since Skyrim, and it is looking like it will be their best.

Power Outage

It’s interesting how a slight parting from your routine can make such a large impact on your daily lifestyle.

There was construction work being done on Sunday, and the power was out on the OVS Upper Campus from 8-4.

I can probably speak for the all the boarders and say that it was less than convenient – who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday morning, laying in bed and watching a movie.

But as the day went on, there was a tangible change of atmosphere, as students came together and learned how to overcome the change.

Photo Credit: parisapartment.files.wordpress.com

I, for one, spent more time with friends than I would otherwise. A group of friends and I ordered some pizza and sat around talking and laughing.

Fast forward a few hours when I went into the girls dorm lounge. Instead of seeing the five or so that usually hang out there, at least 20 people were there – talking, playing board games and spending time outside.

Photo Credit: http://www.cliparthut.com

Sunday happened to be a rare rainy day, and due to the drought, Californians tend to get pretty excited whenever the sky opens up.

It was pouring, and there were kids dancing in the rain, listening to music and throwing water at each other. While the excitement stemmed from the water, this would be much less likely to happen if video games or movies were options.

Just from the lack of power, kids began spending more time together, playing games and doing more activities together. A simple change of lifestyle spurred new customs, and a whole new vibe on campus.

You Will Never Be a Team Captain

So I finally got into League of Legends.

I pretty much suck, but of course, nearly everyone sucks at their first few times playing a new game. I got it Tuesday, March 4th.

My roommate’s an early sleeper, and so last night I sat in the hallway to play one last game before sleeping. It was near midnight or so, and I was playing alone, randomly matched with other players.

I suppose I shouldn’t say their usernames, but they were obviously acquaintances. It was 3v3, so I was the outsider.

I usually die 2-6 times within the first 10-15 minutes depending, and this time I wasn’t doing so hot, as I was quite tired.

And these two users began to comment on me.

“First time playing as Volibear?”

I said no, I was just tired and in a funk because I had SATs the next day.

“I hope you don’t test like you play.”

“The world always needs more janitors.”

“Volibear: How not to play.”

I ignored them pretty easily, as I was thinking these guys either didn’t know that they were being total butts or they were trying to make me mad in some way.

In the last stretch of the game, when all the opponents were gathered around our Nexus and were trying to destroy it, I realized that two players were nowhere to be seen on the map. Yet they were still commenting on how horribly I was playing. I asked them to come back and help me defend home base.

And then, more comments on how badly I play.

Their comments really didn’t get to me too much. I reported them, closed the game, then tried to focus on something else as I tried to sleep.

Yet today I felt reluctant to open up the game.

Top 4 best Video Games of 2013 so far

2013 is definitely an amazing year for gamers all around the world. This list will not include titles that have not been released yet.

4. Pokemon X and Y

The newest installation of the Pokemon series, X and Y have taken the Pokemon universe to a whole new level. Revamped graphics, new Pokemon, hundreds of hours of gameplay and its new online features have old, competitive and new fans happier than ever.

3. Battlefield 4

It is clear that DICE (game developers) have revolutionized first-person shooters forever. Battlefield brings action-packed infantry and vehicle combat and combines it with crazy destruction, 64 player servers and arguably the best graphics and visuals ever resulting in one of the craziest gaming experiences I have ever seen.

2. Grand Theft Auto Five

The most sold game of 2013, this amazing piece of art reached 1 billion dollars in sales in less than a month. Its compelling story line, engaging gameplay, an open map the size of a city, hundreds of hours of fun and the addition of GTA Online made this game one of the best.

1. The Last of Us

This PlayStation 3 exclusive is definitely one of the best titles to ever be released. Set in a post-apocalyptic “zombie” scenario, this game features a middle-aged survivor named Joel and a fourteen year old girl named Ellie who embark on a horrifying, thrilling and exciting adventure.  This game’s writing and story line is one of, if not the best to ever be released.


There’s a lot of different sides to me. There’s the Eagle-fanatic side that just loves the NFL and his Eagles. There’s the Honey Badger, my deranged, athlete side who simply has no regard for his own or anyone else’s well being. That side is also known as my “power trip”. And then, there’s my nerd side.

I am a bit of a nerd. I am an absolute Star Wars addict. I could look at a picture of a character, and probably give you a solid name and specific event that occurred in that character’s theatrical life.

But, as into Star Wars as I am, I’m a huge video game freak. My favorite franchise is the Super Smash Brothers series made famous by those awesome people at Nintendo. But there’s always been a very close second.

That would be the Nintendo-produced Pokemon franchise. Everyone knows about Pikachu, but I know about the other 600. It’s a whole world that I just love to immerse myself in from time to time. In fact, over the weekend, I went out and purchased one of the newest installments in the franchise, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

I just realized how lame that actually sounds, but the game is once again very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

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AVGN-Craziest dude on the Internet

I’m all about nostalgia. I love it when I hear about those old TV shows and books that I used to have in my life. Some that come to mind are the Angry Beavers, Doug, and of course the Captain Underpants books. Those things were the best.

While on youtube one night a long time ago, I came across a new channel that I had never seen before. The title was “JamesNintendoNerd.” Anyone who knows me knows I love video games. I love the new games but there is always place in my heart for the games I played during my youth. There are few people that will tell you that they own a Nintendo 64, but I got one. That thing is great. It introduced me to so many characters like Mario, Link, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and one of my personal favorites, Pokemon. Yes, I’m aware Pokemon isn’t one character. But the franchise has cemented itself into my life. I’m not ashamed to say that I still play Pokemon from time to time. There are certain things you never grow out of.

Anyway, I’m rambling. The channel features a character called the Angry Video Game Nerd. He too prefers the games and consoles from his youth. The Nintendo 64 is rare these days, but an original Atari 2600 or a Nintendo Entertainment System are borderline impossible to find. Most current TVs don’t even provide the proper basic technology to accommodate these prehistoric game systems.

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Plague Inc.-Fun but Deadly!

While reviewing my most recent blog, I came to the mindset that maybe I should write something that’s got nothing to do with sports!

I know you’re all surprised but this is pretty cool. I recently downloaded a new app on my iPad called “Plague Inc.”. This simulator enables the player to take control of their very own disease and attempt to infect and (end result) completely annihilate the entire human race. Imagine sending the humans into complete extinction.

Considering I’m not human (ha), I see literally no controversy of any kind with this game. It’s not like you’re running around with guns and blowing the heads off of zombies. There’s no gore whatsoever. There’s no blood. The only thing possibly traumatic about this game is the principle that you are, in fact eliminating everyone on the planet.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m gonna talk a little bit about some problems I see with the game.

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Happy Birthday Evan!

Today, it was one of my best friend Evan’s 18th birthday. He decided to have a get-together with some of his friends at his house. After a riveting ultimate frisbee/disc golf demonstration, my friends and I got picked up and drove to Evan’s house.

His mom cooked us an excellent dinner with tri-tip, kabobs, salad, and delicious tea and lemonade. We all sat around the table and joked around, and were alternating taking turns at doubles ping-pong, which I will admit, got quite intense! There were a bunch of different teams, some of which dominated, and others which hardly got any points. But over all it was very fun, we all got some good laughs out while playing.

After Evan opened his presents and it started to get dark, we moved into the garage for a game of “water pong“. Now, water pong is basically the same as beer pong, which is a popular drinking game, but of course we played it without any alcohol. It’s a fun game to play and we had two teems of four that battled hard. There were some awesome shots made and, like the ping-pong, it got pretty intense.

We all had such a great time and I really couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday. I was sad when it was over and we all had to return to school. But, 39 more days (and believe me, I’m counting) until we graduate and spend the beginning of summer together with time to do whatever we all want! All in all, it was such a great day with friends 🙂