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Greek Tragedy (pt. III)

Read pt. I here and pt. II here. — (music) Spring. The light filtering into the kitchen was the type of gray-white light that made her glow like a goddess. She was fastidiously picking through a bowl of cereal for … Continue reading

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The Perils of Innovation

Innovators often suffer for their ideals. Not grounded in reality dreamers always dream. An ideal that can change the world and the faith of its residents. The age of gasoline will end. Men such as Musk will lead the way. … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs-REBORN

Our generation often labeled generation X, is known for our technological superiority over older people. This “ superiority “ has led rise to many young entrepreneurs, kids who take advantage of the changing world. From apps, to social networks the … Continue reading

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Tianjin: the Self-Sustainable City of the Future

The environmentalist trend has struck China with a bang. No, Tainjin is not just recycling and sorting out its trash. Tianjin isn’t just implementing solar power in a few office rooms here and there. Tianjin isn’t just planting trees or … Continue reading

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