our rear-ends saved.

Our soccer team this year started out as a bright star. After crushing the Midland School we believed we could go all the way.  But coming back from our month break and losing five players, we have struggled since.  Unfortunately by losing those key players we have had problems finding players to fill those voids and we have not really been able to find our balance.

Coming off of two defeats to the Thacher and the Dunn schools, we have had our spirits down a bit.  Coming up on Saturday we were set to play one of the best teams in the state, Cate School.  Saturday morning I woke up to the wonderful sound of rain.  The pitter-patter had never sounded so good.

With the rain meant that we would not have to play Cate and most likely suffer another crushing defeat. Not I am not a coward but nor do I like to suffer terrible defeats, and with half our team “infirmed” we would not have stood a chance.

So we were saved by the weather from a terrible fate, and hopefully we will be able to stand a chance the next time we play them.

Farmers Market

Every Sunday is the farmers market, most towns have these.  For me we have one within walking distance right in the harbor.  Except I never go.  Yesterday though, I went, and it was really nice.

It brought back memories from when I was younger and we would go every weekend to pick up our local produce.  These days though it has changed quite a bit, it has grown about twice as big and has more than just produce.

The entire front section is now devoted to street vendors selling  homemade wares and kettle korn stalls.

In the central area there is now a live band every sunday, an espresso bar and you can go down to the wharf to buy fresh fish the fishermen caught just that morning.

It was really nice to finally go back to the farmers market after its been almost a year since last I went.

49ers Player #10 Kyle Williams Costs the team a chance at the Super Bowl

Tonight was a sad night for all San Francisco 49ers fans, a sadness brought on by a 3 point defeat from the New York Giants. A win that was fed on a silver platter to the Giants by 49ers player Kyle Williams.

His first major mistake was a bad bounce and his hesitation to make a decision, the ball bounced off his own knee. Despite being filmed from several angles on national television, Kyle Williams thought he could deceive the world with his acting skills. The ball took an obvious direction change after colliding with Williams’ knee, yet he pretended like it had never happened. When he heard the referee’s decision, he acted like he was a victim.

49ers Player #10 Kyle Williams took the award for being the laughing-stock of tonight’s game. Thanks to his inability to keep hold of the football, which was smacked out of his hands by Jacquian Williams from the Giants.

It is a shame that one player could have such an effect on the outcome of a game. Especially when it’s for the worst.

What do you think?

SOPA= Evil

In the mist of all the talks of free speech and SOPA, a site that most of us use has been shut down. Megaupload, that famous provider of  intellectual properties for free, allowing users to get quality software without paying. It is as simple as clicking a button.

The founder of Megaupload Kim Schmitz was found living in an extravagant manor. This home was described as an electronic fortress, equipped with the highest quality surveillance available on the market. This wealthy man refused to let police in and then resorted to hiding in a safe room. The police then cut into the safe room where they found Kim Schmitz cowering next to a sawed off shotgun.

He was promptly arrested and is currently waiting for his court date in a New Zealand jail. Following his arrest the FBI shut down Megaupload, a decision that was met with much outcry on the internet. Following  Megauploads shutdown, the FBI was attacked by Anonymous and had their own site shutdown.

I for one to not support SOPA finding the bill to be complete @$%*&, it remains to be seen whether other “questionable” sites will be taken down.

Of Monsters And Men.

Of Monsters And Men

Sometimes on a cold winters day all you need is some comforting folk, fun, music that raises your spirits in the dismal weather. Mumford and Sons are a great band but if they do not tickle your fancy you must give Of Monsters And Men a listen.

Of Monsters And Men are six-piece folk/pop bands from Iceland who write catchy, folky, soulful music. With a mixture of female and male vocals and an assortment of instruments and acoustics the 6 piece band comes together like the perfect pie.

The band produces the perfect soundtracks for watching the rain fall, driving through the snow or sitting in front of a fire with a cup of Cocoa.

Releasing their first album My Head is an Animal in Iceland in September 2011, the band currently only has an EP available in America on iTunes. Named Into the Woods, the EP is a perfect collection of songs.  The band has received a lot of attention from people across the U.S, releasing their single Little Talks as a free song on iTunes. The band are now signed to the Universal Music Group and fans look forward to hearing more from the group in the coming year.

So if you feel like listening to some great, festive sounding music give Of Monster And Men a listen.

What Tim Tebow and the GOP Candidates Have in Common

The reason I first made this connection is because I hate both of them. Let me start out explaining why I hate Tebow because I think people know why I hate the GOP Candidates.

Tim Tebow is a great athlete, there is no hiding from that. And like many athletes, Tim Tebow is religious. But what makes Tebow stand out is his proselytizing that he constantly does.

From his Super Bowl anti-abortion commercial to his constant kneeling, Tebow makes it his goal for everyone to know that he loves God.  It is so obnoxious for him to constantly thank God and Jesus for his successes. He can thank them in his head, he doesn’t need to say it out loud.

Yes, I am both an atheist and a liberal so I am predisposed to dislike these characters. But there are many Christians who hate Tebow and just as many republicans that can’t stand their candidates.

So what do these two have in common besides me hating them? They both are putting on a show.

I’m sure Tebow loves god but he wants the attention for his devotion. The GOP candidates (mainly Romney) are making it seem like they have beliefs far more radical than in actuality, just to gain votes.

Now I realize that in our society we have a tendency to act differently to impress others, it’s part of our nature.

But it is stupid that so many people fall for the obvious ploys of these actors. I guess the reason I hate both of them is because they make me realize how ignorant many of my fellow Americans are.

It disgusts me that so many people listen to words without thinking about the meaning behind them. TIM TEBOW WANTS TO CONVERT YOU! THAT IS HIS GOAL! THE GOP WANTS YOUR VOTES!

Do not believe they are good and righteous people just because they tell you they are. Listen to me, I am the Pope. See what I did there? (I’m not the Pope).

Stop being gullible and ignorant. Stop living up to the stereotypes that the rest of the world make about us. Be smart.

Shutter Island

Gosh, it was such an unexpected ending. The producer of this movie must be super smart.

Shutter Island was directed and produced by Martin Scrosese in the United States in 2010. The movie is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane and is starring Leonardo Dicaprio as the U.S Marshal “Edward Daniels” who came to “Shutter” island, where a psychiatric facility is located, to investigate the case of a woman who had earlier managed to escape from the facility.

The plot of the movie was very confusing with a misleading ending, but it’s so worth seeing. I would highly recommend seeing this movie with you friends so you could discuss it afterwards, otherwise, you might not understand the message.

I strongly believe that this movie should be on your must-to-do –list !